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Visa Europe, RBS and Natwest have launched TouchPay, a mobile payments system for the iPhone.

It’s limited to 1,000 customers at the moment, and doesn’t support the iPhone 5 yet. But it should be available for all iPhone-owning customers of RBS and Natwest in the UK “in the near future”.

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Siri’s impressive and all that, but we’re almost a year down the line and the voice assistant still isn’t doing half of the jobs we’d quite like it to. If you’re sick of waiting for Apple to pull its finger out, you could break in and supercharge Siri yourself. A new app for the jailbroken out there looks to do just that, giving the voice assistant a real shot in the arm. Read more

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The Oscar-winning director is the latest star to appear in an advert for Apple’s Siri personal assistant. The ad sees him in the back of a taxi, firing a barrage of questions at Siri.

The one we can’t believe he missed: You talkin’ to me?

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Last week we wrote about how the trend in Android seems to be in making flagship phones big, and small phones underpowered. It’s driving some people away and through Apple’s doors, but what if you like Apple’s hardware and love Android’s software? Maybe you should check out the Meizu MX 4-core – the Android-flavoured iPhone lookalike that’s just left its native ChinaRead more

Over the years there’ve been plenty of stories here and there about smartphones catching on fire, spontaneously melting or outright exploding. There’s often little in the way of proof, but a new video, apparently caught on CCTV in Finland, shows exactly that. And it’s terrifying.  Read more

The iPhone 5. It’s coming, and there’s precious little you can do about it. Not that you’d probably want to of course. Unless you’re very, very anti-Apple, that is. Either way, as with any upcoming Apple launch, there are rumours, leaks and renders aplenty.

Do you wish someone would sort through them all and figure out what’s the most likely crop of features? Alright then, no worries: let’s get cracking. This is the ultimate iPhone 5 rumour roundup. Read more

When Apple unveiled Siri, buried inside the iPhone 4S at the tail end of last year, it did so in a pretty unusual way. How so? Siri has a ‘beta’ tag attached to it, symbolising that it’s not quite the finished, polished product we’ve come to expect from Apple. Now a new source has come out of the woodwork declaring that the voice assistant is an “embarrassment” to Apple. Would Steve Jobs have let it be this way? Read more

After a hiatus from the fickle world of celebrity, Apple has recently made the decision to veer back into using ads with celeb iPhone 4S endorsements.

Whilst previous efforts starred Zooey “so kooky it hurts” Deschanel and Samuel L. “Swearword” Jackson, a couple of new ones have cropped up starring none other than hollywood oddball John Malkovich. Wanna know how to be John Malkovich? Read on. Read more

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