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What madness is this? Windows? In my iPad? It’s more common than you think – or at least it could be, if you jailbreak your tablet and download Quasar from the Cydia store. Read more

Fancy a Friday bargain? On the same day that Apple has made the new iPad available in 25 other countries around the world, eBay has announced that UK customers can get their hands on the new tablet for £20 cheaper than the RPP, making it the cheapest in the UK. Read more


Apple has launched the new iPad. The third iteration of the tablet that invented the market has been unveiled by CEO Tim Cook to a packed audience. Is it the giant leap forward that we were hoping for? Read on to find out.

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The iPad 3? Nah. If the word now circulating the web is to be believed, Apple’s next tablet – due to be unveiled tomorrow – will be named the iPad HD. That’s reportedly the word from Apple’s manufacturing partners and it makes a whole lot of sense. Here’s why… Read more

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Days until the iPad 3 launch – two and falling. As if the wait for the iPad 3 couldn’t get any more tantalising, yet more pictures claiming to depict bits of the new tablet have leaked online, this time showing the front panel and rear casing. Read more

Days until the iPad 3 launch: five and counting. We all know that Apple is going to dramatically up the display resolution to somewhere in the region of 2048×1536 pixels, but could that extra clarity have adverse effects on download numbers and the App Store as a whole? Read more

Countdown to the iPad 3 launch: six days and counting. We’re all intrigued to see what Apple’s got up its sleeves, but a video that’s cropped up on the web showing what a future iPad could be capable of has just spoilt us rotten. Read on to see what the iPad 4 could look like. Read more

We’re all on tenterhooks ahead of next week’s iPad 3 launch, waiting for a tablet with a much brighter screen, a buttonless bezel and a beefed-up processor. But that won’t be all, if new rumours are to be believed. Will Apple’s ‘one last thing’ be a dirt cheap, dumbed-down iPad 2? All signs point to ‘yes’. Read more

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