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Apple CEO Tim Cook has kicked off the D10 conference in California with a lengthy interview on all things Apple. It’s typically guarded, very carefully spoken stuff, but has Cook just managed to reveal that the iPhone 5’s screen won’t actually be moving up a size? Read more

As the Design Director and public face of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War developer Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski is somewhat of a celebrity on the gaming circuit. Now back on it as the studio looks to crank up the hype machine for Bulletstorm we met up with the man often known as Cliffy B to talk about what makes Bulletstorm different, how it was inspired by Mega Man, how to prevent games from ending up in the bargain bin and more.

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Google is changing the way it hires, streamlining its off the wall interview process into a simpler, shorter process. Why? Because Google is going on a hiring binge, and wants to recruit “well over” the 6,700 it hired in its biggest year ever, 2007. The upshot though, is that it just got a little bit easier to get into Google. Read on to find out more.

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The Thick Of It iPhone app, Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone, went on sale this afternoon and during the hullabalo of Twitter going mad for it, we caught up with Dave Addey, MD of Agant the co-creators of the app. He told us about the secrets of Malcolm Tucker’s iPhone, how he managed to get Apple to OK all that swearing and gave us the lowdown on the official QI app and Harry Hill‘s Jokebook iPhone app both of which were also released this week. Read on for our interview about the ****ing Thick Of It iPhone app…
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Got questions about the Nintendo 3DS? So have we, which is why we caught up with Nintendo’s marketing manager James Honeywell to fill in the blanks.

Want the skinny on the 3D sweet spot? Whether you’ll be able to share 3D photos, and of course how much the Nintendo 3DS will cost? Watch our exclusive quick-fire video interview!

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Benoit Lambert Want the skinny on this year’s hottest action adventure? We’ve chatted to Assassin’s Creed 2 game director Benoit Lambert. He’s the head honcho, the big cheese, the man who knows everything there is to know about The Creed.

Read on, and find out what to expect from the second installment of the time shifting adventure. New weapons, a 1000 page script and hidden levels. It’s all in there, as well as a peep at the possible future of the series. Read on for the details, direct from Lambert himself.

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