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Pure has launched the One Flow radio, a cheap internet radio, with an SRP of £100, cheaper than most internet radios, and the cheapest in the Pure internet radio range bar the bedside Siesta Flow.

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Pure has launched its digital music service, Flow Songs, letting you click and buy tracks straight off the radio. Read on, and get all the info on Flow Songs.

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DAB is dead. It’s about to be crushed by Internet radio, which is coming to cars courtesy of Blaupunkt. It’ll dish up more choice than ever before, as well as working in areas where there’s no digital radio signal.

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In all the hubbub surrounding the N97 this could easily go unnoticed, but Nokia didn’t just unveil its first touchscreen N-Series phone today, it also took a step into the home entertainment sector, with Nokia Home Music.

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Ticker Tape Radio just prints good news

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Ticker Tape RadioIt’s an internet radio with an uplifting twist – it prints out stories from the web onto ticker tape, but only the positive bits. It was apparently made to cure people from Euphobia, the fear of hearing good news. We kid you not.

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Radiopaq Rp5Few internet radios manage to turn heads, but the Radiopaq Rp5 is something special, combining great design, stunning looks and do-it-all features.

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