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The days where ‘movie marketing’ would start and end with dumping a trailer online are long dead. The best viral campaigns know their audience and know how best to engage them, and in that sense the campaign for the upcoming Hitchcock biopic is no different. Ready to frame up the perfect shot? Read more

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Instagram only came to Android back in April, lagging behind the iOS version. Well now it’s been updated to work on Google’s new super tablet, the Nexus 7.

“Hang on,” you might be crying. “The Nexus 7 doesn’t have a rear camera. How am I supposed to capture all my goings-on in a shade of hipster?”

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You know the app icon for Instagram? You know that it’s loosely based on the original Polaroid 1000, right? If you were Polaroid, you’d probably be a little bit annoyed that the most successful camera app in the world is using your retro-cool aesthetic to its own ends. And you’d want to fight back. That’s where the Polaroid Z2300 comes in. It’s like Instagram, only in real life. Read more


Google’s busy beavering away on its Project Glass Android eyewear, convinced of the notion that we’ll all one day be walking around with computers strapped to our faces. Whether that takes off or not remains to be seen, but either way we’ve just stumbled across a concept that puts it to shame: these are ‘Instaglasses’, and we want them. Read more

Yesterday Facebook launched Facebook Camera, a standalone app that finally addresses some of the crippling issues in uploading pictures to the world’s biggest social network via mobile. It smacks more than a little bit of the company’s recent purchase Instagram, but what’s really interesting are the ratings. Has Facebook actually made a good app? Read more

Remember HTC’s run of Facebook-focussed smartphones? They didn’t exactly set the market alight, but found a home with a fair few fans nonetheless. Now there’s word of a ‘Facebook Phone’ round two, but will HTC want to leverage the social network’s biggest new asset? Read more

Google has just made an official blog post detailing a pretty massive design change for Google+. The social network is about to shift to a far more beautiful, refined and customisable setup. Is this all in retaliation to the Facebook/Instagram deal? Read more

It’s been a week since Instagram for Android started to infest the Google-powered mobiles of hipsters the world over. Say what you like about the photo sharing service: it’s pretty speedy with updates. The company has just rolled out a bug fix to bring the washed out snaps to HTC’s new flagship device. Read more

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