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Dell says goodbye to the Streak 5, but accessories live onOwners of the Dell Streak 5 are now part of a small and select group. The company has listed the Streak 5 as “no longer available” and wished the pint-sized slate a formal goodbye message on its website. Though the tablet has met its demise, Dell will be happily sell you accessories at a full price.

The Dell tablet portfolio now consists of the Dell Streak 7 and the Inspiron duo, commonly referred to as the “convertible tablet”. Discontinuing the Streak 5 was a long time in the making. Following several promotional bundles which deeply discounted the tablet with the purchase of a new Dell desktop or laptop, the stockpiles finally ran dry.

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Dell Inspiron Duo review Dell Inspiron Duo review

Dell Inspiron Duo review

The Dell Inspiron Duo, with its novel touchscreen that rotates within its frame, asks us the question: do you want the best of both worlds, PC power and tablet convenience?

To which we ask Dell, “Did you say best?”

You see, the Dell Inspiron Duo is the most ambitious attempt at making a twisting, touchscreen Windows 7 netbook work yet – it’s probably because it shoots so high that it comes crashing down even harder than others that have come and gone before it. Read on for all our thoughts in our full Dell Inspiron Duo review.

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Dell Inspiron Duo unboxing photos: the weirdest tablet yet

Remember the Dell Inspiron Duo netbook with a touchscreen that flipped inside the lid? We’ve just landed one, and it’s every bit as bonkers as we expected. Check out the photos of it right here.

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Dell announces the Inspiron DuoMix the world of laptops and tablets, add in some automotive styling and you have the world’s first convertible laptop – the Dell Inspiron Duo. At first glance the Inspiron Duo looks to be just another tablet, but with one flip of the screen and this “new convertible” is ready to redefine the market.

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