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Lovefilm, the DVD rental-turned streaming service which is owned by Amazon, has spent the past year battling against Netflix for the top spot on the UK movie streaming charts. Will the service’s integration with the dirt-cheap Amazon Kindle Fire tabs give it a leg up in the run up to Christmas? And can a stellar new feature tip it over the edge? Read more

Family arguments are a Christmas occupational hazard. But rather than making like your fourteen year-old self and storming off to your room when your dad starts getting all adamant that it was Mick Jagger who did a Christmas duet with Bing Crosby, not David Bowie, use the power of tech to solve your quibbles. These apps will sort any arguments sharpish.

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A collection of “featurettes” about the making of Facebook biopic The Social Network, of the sort you’d usually find on the DVD extras, is available on IMDb for free. Better than that, it’s available in the UK too. There are four videos, which offer a behind the scenes glimpse of what it’s like working with the notorious David Fincher, who can demands up to a punishing 70 retakes from his cast.

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TwIMDb Brings Twitter Names to IMDb Cast and CrewEver wanted to know your favorite actor’s Twitter name but too lazy to scour the web? TwIMDb is your savior, bringing real twitter handles to the cast and crew listed on your favorite movies and television shows at IMDb.
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The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) plans to add one button streaming for all of its 1.3 million listed titles. And for free. Yup, absolutely nada. Read on for all the instant movie info.

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IMDbThe always useful Internet Movie Database just got a little more interesting – users in the US can now stream full-length films and TV shows.

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