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world's largest ice touchscreenThe Finnish minds at Nokia have managed to redefine the power of ice with the help of some heat guns, infrared light, a computer and two projectors. Say hello to the world’s largest touchscreen made from ice.

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We know there are a lot of BlackBerry obsessives, but this might be taking things too far. One Canadian has crafted a BlackBerry sculpture out of ice, putting the Apple snow logo we spotted last week to shame.

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Robots on ice expedition

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Snomote machineThese scaled down snowmobiles are off to the Antarctic to measure the impact of melting ice so scientists can keep their mitts much warmer.

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He always was the coolest robot in Star WarsFor many Star Wars fans R2D2 was the cool rebel robot to C3PO’s conformist ways. But now that reputation has been taken a bit too literally with the R2D2 Ice Bucket.

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