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Asus Padfone 2 official: Do want

Asus is back at it with a new phone/tablet hybrid. The original Padfone was well received in its native Taiwan, but failed to set the world alight. Can a sequel, with a raft of top-flight specs, do the business?

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Now that Windows 8 is just over a month from its proper launch, we’re getting to know more and more about the first set of devices built specifically for it. And an awful lot are hybrids. Asus’ entries count themselves in that group, and have just had their prices leaked; is the Vivo Tab RT the best iPad rival going? Read more

For a while now, we’ve been wondering if Apple has plans on merging its MacBook line with the iPad. The only downside of Apple’s tablet is that typing at length a bit of a chore, so a converged solution – akin to the Asus Transformer Prime – makes sense, right? Wrong. It’s not going to happen as long as CEO Tim Cook’s in charge… Read more

At the beginning of next month Apple will launch the iPad 3. It’ll be new and shiny and full of faster processors and what have you, but it will still fall short on one major point: you can’t type at length on a touchscreen. For that you need a keyboard.

While Apple keeps its touchscreens and keyboards separate in the name of keeping its different products from eating each other, has the rest of the market got it right already with the influx of hybrids? And if so, will that mean that the iPad will become a relic in the market it invented? Yes. Read on to find out why. Read more

JVC has just announced the new Everio X hybrid camera. It is also known as the Everio GZ-X900, but good luck remembering that next time you’re in Jessops. Here’s something that might stick in your mind though: it can record at 600fps. That’s not a typo – that’s your ticket to recreating The Matrix in your back garden.

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Panasonic Lumix GH1 launched

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The Panasonic Lumix GH1 hybrid camera has just been launched, and it shoots full HD video too! All the details after the jump.

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UPDATE: Turns out the Samsung NX series doesn’t use the Micro Four Thirds technology Panasonic and Olympus are using, but the DSLR tech inside makes it just as desirable.

Samsung has just announced the NX series of hybrid cameras, packing DSLR technology in something much smaller. Looks like Samsung just knocked the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 off its half DSLR, half point and shoot perch. All the details after the jump.

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PS3 gamers who have yet to make use of their Blu-ray player to actually watch movies might soon change their minds if Sony comes through on its latest bright idea – stuffing both a film and a game onto the same Blu-Ray disc.

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