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HTC has bought Dashwire, a Seattle-based company which builds back up, remote access and device syncing. While HTC already has HTCSense.com fighter.

The deal gives HTC an easy way to share documents, music, video and images between PCs, Macs and Android devices. Dashwire’s software can also sync a whole lot of other data including contacts, messages, calendars and voicemail. While HTC hasn’t revealed what it plans to do with Dashwire yet, we expect to see some of its technology baked into future versions of Sense.

There’s another interesting element to the acquisition. Dashwire bought up a batch of patents related to mobile syncing back in April. Adding those to its war chest could help HTC in its ongoing lawsuits with Apple. So while the purchase may just be all about making future HTC phones better, there’s that other level to consider.

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The HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z set of remote services just went live. HTCSense.com is the HTC version of MobileMe, and means you can fiddle around with your phone when it’s not in your hand, and find it when it’s lost. At launch, John Wang, the chief marketing officer at HTC, said that HTCSense.com will “provide the capability to manage, control and customise the customer experience”.

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Good old HTC. Just as we put up our best Android phone UI top 5, it’s kicked out an indepth and rather delightful guide to the Sense on the HTC Desire HD. We’ve got the whole 7.35 clip embedded after the break ready for you to feast your eyes on all the HTC Desire HD’s interface innovations…

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Today HTC announced it is launching HTCSense.com, a series of connected HTC services, which will “provide the capability to manage, control and customise the customer experience,” according to John Wang, the chief marketing officer at HTC.

Translation? HTC just put itself squarely head to head with the iPhone and Mobile Me, Windows Phone and its remote lockdown, and even certain Symbian apps. The gameplan? In all likelihood making HTC phones the defacto device for businesses and security-conscious laymen alike

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