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When Samsung first started taking the world of the 5-inch handset seriously, we balked. But then the Galaxy Note (and now the Galaxy Note 2) sold well enough to garner everyone’s attention, and now both Sony and HTC are readying their own versions. The J Butterfly is HTC’s answer, and it’s a little bit good. Read more

iPhone-schmiPhone, right? While it may only be controlling around four per cent of the smartphone market, Windows Phone has a loyal fan base clamoring for the next batch of handsets, sporting the next iteration of the OS - Windows Phone 8. Good news, then: he wait is almost over. Read more

Is there a Microsoft Surface Windows Phone handset incoming? The rumour has been doing the rounds a while now since the partner-bothering Surface tablet broke cover, but Microsoft has refused to deny it.

And now comes word from BRG that Microsoft plans to launch its own smartie “in the coming months”. But just because it can, doesn’t mean it should.

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HTC’s on a bit of a roll of late. On top of launching a couple of sexy Windows Phone handsets and dominating Android with its One range of phones, it’s seen fit to update the king of the latter. Ready to meet the HTC One X+? Read more

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Where are you in the chain of Android updates? Got Jelly Bean yet? Or still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich? What if we told you that a new Nexus, and therefore a new Android iteration, was on its way? That’s exactly what may be the case, and it looks like HTC’s going to be the manufacturer behind it. Set your wallets to the ‘want’ position.  Read more

HTC One X: Jelly Bean date confirmed

Got an HTC One X? Good on you: HTC’s flagship Android handset is a brilliantly powerful beast. Only trouble so far is that it’s now a bit behind the times as far as OS iterations goes. Good job, then, that an update to Jelly Bean is on the way. Read more

HTC’s two Windows Phone 8 handsets have been priced for the UK.

The high-end 8X is set to cost just shy of £400, with a very precise £398.98, according to Unlocked Mobiles. The 8S will sell for £224.98.

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Good news if you bought an HTC One X: it’ll be getting the upgrade to the Jelly Bean build of Android next month.

At least, that’s according to one well-respected Android developer.

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