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Sometimes in business you just have to take a step back, realise where the market’s at and make a tough decision in order to, well… not die. That’s the sort of position that Waterstones must have found itself in, as it’s just decided to invite the enemy into its HQ: the UK’s biggest book seller is set to start selling the Amazon Kindle. Read more

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Having spent some considerable time circling the drain, high street gaming goliath GAME has finally succumbed to the financial waters and gone into administration, taking its CEO Ian Shepherd with it. Does this mark the beginning of the end, or can the retailer be saved? Read more

Woolies began its 50% off mega-sale last week. Sadly, it had ‘up to’ written as a myopically small pre-fix and all we found was a lousy 10% off Mirror’s Edge. Now though, administrator Deloitte is beginning to discount in earnest as it moves to closing down status in order to clear out all the remaining stock, having failed to find a buyer for the ailing retail group.

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