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Canon has lifted the curtain on its first mirrorless camera, packing the skills of an SLR into a body not much bigger than a compact. And the EOS M is a doozy.

But can it take on the likes of the Micro Four Thirds brigade?

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Samsung conquers full HD video capture with new 32GB microSD class 10 cardMass production of Samsung’s new 32GB microSD class 10 cards is in full swing. The company confirmed via press release this morning its new class 10 cards are capable of recording full HD video, a feat previously limited to high-speed SD and CF cards.

SD speed class ratings list class 10 at 10 MB/s. Samsung’s 32GB microSD cards outpace this standard by reaching 12MB/s write speeds — double the speed of current class 4 microSD cards.

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Worry about dropping your iPhone 4 in the street? Luke Geissbuhler and his son (aka the Brooklyn Space Program) launched his into space with an HD video camera to snatch some absolutely stunning pictures of Earth from outside the atmosphere. What’s more, the iPhone 4 returned to terra firma just fine. Click through to see the iPhone space project caught on video…
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The Canon G12, the Canon successor to the G11, has arrived, and has come with added HD video (720p/30) and the Canon Hybrid IS system ported over from the Canon S95, plus a tracking AF for shooting moving objects.

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Sony has announced two additions to its Alpha range of cameras this morning, the A33, and A55. Sony reckons it’s really hit the jackpot this time, and has some pretty big things to say about the HD video on these new Sony Alpha cameras. Read on for a full breakdown, and stay tuned for hands-on first impressions…

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This week at Electricpig we’re off to some top secret events, so keep your eyes peeled for breaking news. We’ll also be continuing to bulk out our recommendations pages, with our pick of the top HTC devices, HD video cameras, and best back to school gadgets. Is there a top five list you want but haven’t seen yet? Drop us a line in the comments…

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iPhone 4.0 could finally deliver HD video recording if clues unearthed in the iPhone OS 4.0 come to fruition. We’ve seen plenty of evidence that the new iPhone will have iChat skills and a superior camera but could Apple finally be bringing HD video to the party too?

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Pentax K-x DSLR gets 8 new colours

Pentax’s K-x 12.4MP DSLR has added a range of 8 new colours to its range. Unsurprisingly, Pink is among Pentax’s pick of new hues but there’s some less obnoxious paint jobs in there too…

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