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RIM’s in a bit of a state. There’s no denying that, despite the weird marketing moves and the smoke-and-mirrors statistics tweaking, the company’ future is hanging in the balance. And there’s only one thing that can help it out of this funk: new hardware and new software. Thankfully, then, it’s just unveiled exactly that. Can it turn things around? Read more

Nintendo’s having a tough time with the 3DS, but the Wii U could be about to open up a door to a new world of gaming. It’s got our opinion split, so we’ve decided to duke it out with words: should Ninty pull the plug on hardware altogether? Read more

windows phone 7The Windows Phone 7 hardware line up has been confirmed. HTC, Dell, LG, Asus and Samsung will all be sporting Windows Phone 7 at launch, which leaves us to ask: who’s missing?

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Microsoft used to let Windows Mobile nestle in any old handset but the shiny new Windows Phone 7 Series is far too special for that. This time Microsoft is defining the hardware specs it’ll require from manufacturers before they can get their hands on Windows Mobile 7 Series.

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ntt-docomo-flute-phoneNTT DoCoMo are of the opinion that your mobile phone is lacking a certain something – and that something is a flute. Yes, you read that correctly. The Japanese mobile giant has a set of prototype add-ons for its mobile phones that are, umm, different.

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Blood red Xbox 360 Elite confirmed

Microsoft has confirmed once and for all that a special edition, blood red Xbox 360 Elite is coming and that it is indeed part of a new Resident Evil 5 bundle. Although there were numerous rumours of the new hardware leading up to the announcement, Microsoft kept its cool before dropping the details onto Xbox LIVE.

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Sony boss man Kaz Hirai came out with some serious fightin’ talk when he told an interview that the Xbox 360 “lacks longevity” and that the PS3 would rule by the end of this console war. But was Microsoft going to stand by and let that slide? The hell it was. Xbox’s director of product management, Aaron Greenberg, has already struck back, calling Sony “complacent” and “out of touch”.

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