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We’re now just days away from the official launch of Windows Phone 8, and the smartphone superpowers are readying their wares for launch. Huawei’s got the latest of the bunch, the Ascend W1, but why should you care? Read more

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We’re now less than a fortnight from the official iPhone 5 launch (if you believe your iPhone gossip), but if anything the rumours and leaks are accelerating. Case in point? The most solid looking video of the next iPhone yet. Read more


If you believe your Japanese iPhone repair websites, the picture above is of the next iPhone. Apple’s iPhone 5 has been leaking out in various forms over the past few months, and this model seems to match up to the others, but what secrets can we learn from it? Read more

Oh dear. We already knew that there were a few drawbacks to Windows Phone Tango and the lesser-specced phones that were designed to run on it, but things have just got a bit worse. Got a Nokia Lumia 610? We’ve got some disappointing news… Read more

Tizen is the talk of the mobile town at the minute. Android’s still charging on unfazed, but the arrival of a newcomer to any scene will always cause a stir – and that’s exactly what the new open source OS from Samsung, Intel and others is doing. Today it seems to have gained a powerful new follower: is HTC prepping a Tizen phone to call is own? Read more

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nokia_3720Nokia is about to launch a new ruggedized phone handset, according to a new rumour. The Nokia 3720 is believed to be water- and dust-proof, and the Finns’ first handset that meets IP54 specification.

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medialets_speed_testiPhone 3GS: the S stands for ‘speed’, but just how much speed, exactly? Quite a lot actually; in fact new benchmark test results show it’s three times faster than the iPhone 3G, three times faster than the Palm Pre and nearly six times faster than the T-Mobile Android G1. Read on to find out why.

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4gb_iphoneAnother day, another promising iPhone rumour. At this rate, if Apple doesn’t announce something iPhone shaped next week, thousands of Mac-heads may succumb to lethal amounts of disappointment. The latest speculation comes from a leaked image, belonging to Fido – a Canadian mobile network – which strongly suggests that a 4GB version of the iPhone is on its way.

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