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As marketing partnerships go, there’s something about the sci-fi thrills of Halo 4 and the grown-up financial sensibilities of American Express that doesn’t quite match up. Odd then, that this is probably the most ambitious, potentially rewarding tie-up ever to hit Xbox Live… Read more

Everyone wants to be famous, even if it’s just for a fraction of second. This is nothing new, and it’s a fact that’s been exploited on TV and in campaigns since forever. But there is still new ground being broken, and new ways to make people feel all special. Case in point? The upcoming Halo 4 marketing machine, which wants to recruit you and your heroic visage. Read more

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Two amazing looking screens from Halo 4 have leaked onto the web. If these really are in-game shots as the finders claim, could this be the game to see the Xbox 360 out with a graphical bang?

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We got the briefest of brief glimpses at Halo 4 back in June at E3 with Master Chief fleeing a burning ship but now 343 Industries, the new keeper of the Halo flame, has revealed more about what the new trilogy has in store for everyone’s favourite super-soldier.

At the PAX Conference this weekend, 343 Industries creative director, Frank O’Connor, detailed the direction the plot of the new Halo series, now dubbed the Reclaimer trilogy, will take and showed off a tantilising concept art video. Click through to see it and find out what O’Connor was ready to reveal about Halo 4…

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Microsoft has suggested it will add Kinect support into all of its first-party titles from now on. But don’t worry, we’re not seeing the death of the venerable Xbox 360 controller just yet.

The explosion in Kinect support will come in a variety of different flavors from full on arm waving madness to subtle inclusions like head-tracking in Forza 4. Find out what Microsoft Game Studios boss, Phil Spencer has to say on the subject after the jump…

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We already knew about this one. Microsoft has officially unveiled Halo 4. Halo: Reach was reportedly the last game in the franchise, now we have another. The original Halo game will also be getting a remake, remastered for the current generation.

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UPDATE: And the page has been pulled. Expect more on Halo 4 later today!

Hot. That’s our only reaction to Halo 4 popping up on Microsoft’s official Xbox website just now, just hours ahead of the company’s big Xbox 360 keynote at E3 in Los Angeles.

That’s not all either – it looks like the original Halo is getting a HD remake too.

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