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For all its merits, the Amazon Kindle Fire has come under, erm… Fire, for having its version of Android locked down under a thick Amazon skin. While previous hacks have seen it break free into Android proper, a new ROM allows you to access Android 4.0 features. Read on for the details and video. Read more

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The PlayStation Network is still down in the wake of an attack than Sony says may have compromised user information. The firm has been unable to tell customers when the service will come back online. On the official PlayStation blog, spokesman Patrick Seybold, says: “This is a time intensive process and we’re working to get it back online quickly.”

If you’re a PlayStation Network user, are you frustrated by Sony’s lack of clear communication and the service downtime? Click the headline and hit the comments to share your thoughts and frustrations.

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Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg hacked

Sound the irony alarm! Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg appears to have had his profile hacked. Last night a mysteriously badly spelled message popped up on the Zuckerberg fan page seemingly penned by Mark Zuckerberg himself. Read on to see the bizarre message…

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Microsoft Kinect has been cracked open! But don’t expect it to be ready for you tinker with anytime soon. The guy who broke into the guts of the Microsoft Kinect hasn’t got his eye on Adafruit’s $2,000 bounty for hacking Kinect. Instead, he plans to use Kinect in his company’s visualisation product getting at the video streams outputted by the Kinect cameras. Hilariously, the fella who has broken Kinect also cracked open the PlayStation Eye in 2008. Perhaps he could get at the PlayStation Move next. Hit the jump to see the hacked Kinect in action…

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Hackosaurus ready to mod!

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SpikeSpike may, at first sight, be a fairly simplistic prehistoric playbot for the kids but this remote control dinosaur is a perfect candidate for budding robotosists first hacking project.

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gta-stolen.jpgLooking forward to a hands-on with Grand Theft Auto IV? Some gamers aren’t waiting any more, they’re pirating Rockstar’s new title, thanks to hackers who’ve got hold of an advanced copy, cracked the game’s protection code and leaked it online. Read more

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