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O2’s spent a lot of time and effort over the last few years positioning itself as more than just a mobile network. With the help of Sean Bean’s dulcet Yorkshire tones, the carrier has launched several schemes that put its users ahead of the pack in areas like high street rewards and gig tickets.

Now that love has spread to sports, with a brand new “digital clubhouse” for your phone. Ready to unleash your inner athlete? Read more

Next week, Apple’s widely rumoured to be showing off iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad. Bundled inside is likely to be a completely new inbuilt maps app to replace Google’s, but Google’s not going to take that ousting lying down, and without getting something special ready itself.

That’s exactly why the company has just held a conference to announce the “next dimension of Google Maps”. What’s the story? Read on to find out.  Read more

Like the look of Nokia Drive for Windows Phone but have the letters ‘H’, ‘T’ and ‘C’ scrawled across your phone? We’ve got some good news for you: HTC has just seriously specced up its pre-installed HTC Locations app for Windows Phone, bringing offline satnav guidance for absolutely nothing. Read on for the full details. Read more

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UPDATE: The metrics Fair Pay Insurance measures have been added to the article.

We’ve looked at TomTom’s new business models in the face of free competitors before, and today it’s announcing another new one. In conjunction with Motaquote, it’s launching a new type of car insurance, which includes a free satnav and uses a gizmo that logs how you drive, and assesses how much you’ll pay off the back of that.

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Last month, we wrote about the problem of Android app piracy, and the ready availability of paid-for apps through sites such as The Pirate Bay. Games and pricey navigation apps topped the chart of most stolen Android software, but the maker of one of the leading satnav apps on the platform, CoPilot Live, is doing just fine. In fact, it’s booming.

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Bosch has decided it wants some of the juicy mobile satnav pie. Today, the company has launched a competitively-priced 3D iPhone satnav app with a raft of top-drawer features, including one that acts as your personal rally driving navigator. Read more

Navfree, the gratis GPS mapping service for iPhone, has now arrived on Android. The app brings turn-by-turn guidance for Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, India, South Africa and Latin America. We know what you’re thinking: Android already has turn-by-turn sat nav guidance in the form of Google Maps Navigation. Luckily, Navfree has an extra trick up its sleeve. Read more

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What does a company do when Google simply announcing a free service causes its share price to plummet by twenty percent? If you’re TomTom, you take a leaf out of Don Draper’s book and try to change the conversation: ignore the looming mobile elephant in the room and try to sell satnavs by making traffic “sexy” instead. Will it work?

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