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Google is moving into broadband. And, as is the company’s way, it’s not doing things by halves. It’s offering a quite ridiculous 1Gbit/sec, TV services, and a terabyte of cloud storage, all under the name of Google Fiber.

It’s firing a warning shot across the bow of Apple, Comcast, Virgin Media, Sky, BT, and anyone else with designs on your lounge. The phrase ‘game changer’ is used way too much nowadays, but in this case we feel it’s justified.

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A few weeks back we wrote a piece explaining that the Nexus 7, with a footprint half the size of an iPad, isn’t looking to challenge Apple’s tab. If you’re looking for something a little larger, there are plenty of sterling Android-powered options, but none quite so big as the Kouziro FT103. Read more

Darth Vader’s sperm. That’s the best description of Google’s Nexus Q media streamer that I’ve yet seen. It’s an odd, spherical black hole with a tail made of output cables, so the name seems to fit. But the Marmite looks aren’t what’s interesting here; what’s interesting is that it’s come directly out of Google’s HQ. And that it’s a means to throw your Android phone or tablet’s music, games and video onto your TV and through your speakers.

In other words, it’s Google TV. But where does that leave Google TV? Read more

Sony, Sony, Sony. We like you. We want you to do well. We want all your recent financial troubles to disappear and for you to continue to make top quality tech. But sometimes you just don’t help yourself. This is the Sony Google TV NSZ-GS7 Network Media Player 7000-K Google Boxatron 2.0 thing. And it’s not going to beat the Apple TV box. Not by a long shot. Read more

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Guffaw TV seemed like a more appropriate name for Google TV when former CEO Eric Schmidt claimed in December that by this Summer, it would be on the “majority” of new TVs.

At the time, the search giant’s key launch partner, Logitech, has just dumped Google TV after openly admitting that its device cost the company “well over $100M (£65m) in operating profit”.

But last week’s Consumer Electronics Show showed Google TV is anything but dead. Second generation tech, and new partners including Samsung and LG mean the biggest ballers in flatscreens are actually on board. If Apple really is working on a TV, here’s how Google can beat it to the punch with a smart TV people will actually want.

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OnLive has announced a partnership with Google TV at CES 2012, in a deal that – if you believe in cloud gaming – symbolises the future of gaming in the home by completely ridding the need for a console. Read more

Google TV is properly in its Rocky montage stage: a comeback is on the cards thanks to a partnership with several major TV manufacturers and some healthy enthusiasm from Google boss Eric Schmidt. Now Google TV gaming looks set to get supercharged thanks to a top multiplayer title from developer Ustwo. Read more

Yesterday LG revealed that it’ll be bringing a new Google TV-enabled 3D set with it to CES 2012. The news marks round two for Google TV, having thus far struggled to make a name for itself in the Smart TV market. With lofty claims suggesting it’s now Google TV’s time to shine, how can it do enough to beat Apple’s upcoming offering? Read more

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