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You’ve got one of the latest Android devices on the market. It’s a super-fast, multi-core monster, and you want to see what it can really do. We suggest you put its engine room to work on powering Horn – the game that might just be Android’s most graphically amazing. Read more

If you’ve not got enough room for a tower computer and can’t afford an all-in one, what’s the next best solution? PC on stick of course! Specifically, an Android-powered one for the cost of a night out. Read more

Google’s getting very serious about the Google Play Store. Since it shed the ‘Android Market’ monicker, the online store has gone from strength to strength, turning into a one-stop destination for all types of content. It seems only right, then, that Google should bring in a few new features to finally pull itself level with iTunes. Read more

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Music-loving Android users, get happy: the new edition of Spotify for Android devices has been officially launched on the Google Play store. Huzzah!

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Imagine knowing that a text message contained good or bad news before evening opening it. Well, that’s about to become a reality, and it doesn’t require you to take on psychic powers: it’s all done by an app on your Android phone.

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Google Play, the search giant’s recently renamed app arena, has hit 15 billion downloads, according to PC Advisor. Though reports differ on exactly when it happened. Regardless, it’s a huge landmark, and adds an extra 4 billion on the 11 billion downloads announced by Google back in January.

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iPhone smash hit Temple Run has landed on Android today, bringing yet another free app into the frenzy of what appears to be a sort of freemium app renaissance. Can the Indiana Jones-inspired reflex-tester scoop up as many downloads on Google’s mobile platform as its iOS counterpart? Read more

Good news for deep thinkers: Android devices have just received a version of one of the iPhone and iOS’ best apps - TED Talks. Want to expand your horizons, be inspired and, hey, maybe learn a thing or two? Read on for the full details, as well as our pick of the best ones that you need to watch first. Read more

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