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Hurricane Sandy is en route to start ripping up half of the east coast of the USA. It’s not really a laughing matter – the Frankenstorm is enormous, and won’t be very much fun for anyone caught in its way. Google’s already (mildly) felt the brunt of it, having to cancel its Android event due to the potential for hurricane-based death.

With that off the cards, though, the big G’s had time to put something else together: a Hurricane Sandy crisis map. Are you in any danger? Read more

Sick of iOS 6′s Apple Maps suggesting that your street is in the middle of an airport, or that you are, in fact, currently underwater? You’ll be wanting Google to hurry up with its Maps app for iOS, then. Pictures of the upcoming app have just leaked out, and word is that it’s going to be an Apple-worrying masterpiece. Read more

Google’s main weapon against Apple in the mapping battle (aside from, you know… Experience) is its pioneering Street View. The company has been working its staff day and night to bring that feature to the mobile web version of Google Maps, but it’s still had time to fire off a massive update at the same time. Read more

Google and Apple have a bit of a terse relationship. Throughout the years, the two companies have reluctantly worked side-by-side to bring Google search (and previously Google Maps) to the iPhone. Things are more frought than ever now, so it’s probably not a bad thing that Google has injected some Apple love into its Gmail app. Read more

As if you needed it, here’s another reason to turn your back on Apple Maps. Google has just added Street View to its Google Maps web app for iOS.

So that means you can plump yourself almost anywhere in the world and take a virtual wander, right on your phone.

Read more

Well it looks like there is an upside to Apple Maps in iOS 6 after all. The app uses 80 percent less data than Google Maps, according to the experts from Onavo.

Which should save you a bob or two when out and about.

Read more

Still finding faults with Apple Maps in iOS 6? It’s certainly got a way to go to match up to the mapping software it replaced. Still, if you are desperate to bring Google Maps back you can always go to the mobile site. And guess what? It’s about to get a lot more useful. Read more

We’re not about bandwagon jumping. We’ve all seen the complaints about Apple’s new Maps application, but, you know what? It’s not as terrible as all that. Still, people don’t really like change. Good news, then: if you long to have Google Maps back on iOS, you might not have to wait for the official release. Read more

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