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Cloud storage: how much is too much? The answer, so long as you can keep on top of all your passwords, is that there’s never too much. Obviously. Microsoft agrees, and has taken the step to get its SkyDrive service in the hands of even more backer-uppers. Enter the SkyDrive Android app… Read more

Since it stopped being the underdog, Apple’s always had a bit of a reputation for being a bit… Shall we say, slightly unlikeable. It’s by no means an evil Sci-fi megacorp (we’re looking at you, Weyland-Yutani), but some of its closed doors and strict rules turn a lot of tech buyers away to more free-range pastures like Android. Thing is, it’s never been anything but a case of personal preference, and never anything that’s likely to turn Apple fans away, until very recently.

The last six months in the life of Apple have seen many decisions pass through that are starting to sour Apple’s reputation. With the company clamping things out left, right and centre, is it fair to call the modern Apple too nasty? And, more importantly, where the hell is my OnLive app? Read more

Google Drive has finally launched. Yeah, we know; you’re hardly surprised. The service was the subject of more leaks and rumours than even the Samsung Galaxy S3 this week, and late last night Google officially dropped the news on its blog. We’ve been through and had a play with the cloud storage service, and have found one sneaky feature that may drop all over Dropbox from a great height. Read on past the jump for the full details. Read more

Google Drive rumours have been building and swirling around for ages now, but the general rule of thumb is that the more rapidly they emerge, the closer we are to a launch date. Such is the prolificacy of Google Drive rumours now, that the consensus seems to be expecting a launch today, Tuesday 24th. What can you expect from Google’s cloud offering? Read on to find out. Read more

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