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Google Drive has finally launched. Yeah, we know; you’re hardly surprised. The service was the subject of more leaks and rumours than even the Samsung Galaxy S3 this week, and late last night Google officially dropped the news on its blog. We’ve been through and had a play with the cloud storage service, and have found one sneaky feature that may drop all over Dropbox from a great height. Read on past the jump for the full details. Read more

We love it when tech companies stop playing nice. Remember the Samsung ad that mocked Apple fanboys last November? Now Microsoft’s got in the spirit, having released a video that directly attacks Google Docs. Read more

Steve Jobs’s biography is out on Monday. And a number of deliciously confrontational quotes from Apple’s late leader are causing a stir in the run up to its release. Yet while Jobs’s distaste for Android is laid bare, there’s a fascinating hint about new features which could put iCloud right up against Google Docs. Read on for all the details.

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The newly released iCloud web beta includes document synching for Apple’s iWork apps between OS X and iOS devices but it looks like the company could have bigger plans in store. An Apple job listing has popped up seeking a software engineer to “build the front and/or back end of scaleable web applications” as part of the iWork team. Interestingly, it also asks for experience of “building web application user interfaces”.

While the vacancy could simply be for someone to work on the currently announced iWork features which allow you to sync documents and view them in the web interface, the details suggest Apple could actually be planning full browser-based versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote to sit beside Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Adding editing functions to the web interface would allow iCloud to compete directly with Google Docs and Microsoft’s Office365 web apps.

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Google Docs Viewer adds Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop and nine other formatsOnline document viewing via Google Docs just became a whole lot more useful. Today, the world’s best online document viewer completes the Microsoft Office trifecta — adding both Powerpoint and Excel format support to complement Word. Here’s a breakdown of all 12 formats now supported.

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Google Docs has been redesigned with elements from Gmail metamorphosing into document-friendly features. The biggest one is Priority Sorting which follows on from the Gmail Priority Inbox and filters your documents to put the ones you’re most likely to need at the top of your search. Google Docs now also includes new filters to find documents by file type, visibility and name.

The new Google Docs also ditches folders in favour of ‘Collections’ which work like labels in Gmail allowing you to tag documents. There’s also a new column that previews documents when you highlight them and the ability to see photos in a slide show view. The new Google Docs is rolling out to users over the next few days.

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The Gmail HTML5 app has had a power up. The mobile webapp version of Google’s ever-changing email service has grabbed whole fists full of new features to make surfing your emails via Safari on iPhone or Android’s myriad of browsers a whole lot better. Hop to Gmail with your phone browser and you’ll be greeted with the new user interface. It features offline support, smart links for Google Maps, YouTube and Google Docs, support for labels, an improved layout for teensy touchscreens and better support for starring, threaded conversations and search. You can see the new Gmail HTML5 app in action in the video after the break. It’s snazzy…
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From now on, Google Docs is the cuckoo in the Microsoft Office nest. Google has launched Google Cloud Connect a new plugin that lets you share and edit Microsoft Office documents in the cloud. We’re sure Steve Ballmer is delighted. No need to use Microsoft Office web apps

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