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Google and Apple have a bit of a terse relationship. Throughout the years, the two companies have reluctantly worked side-by-side to bring Google search (and previously Google Maps) to the iPhone. Things are more frought than ever now, so it’s probably not a bad thing that Google has injected some Apple love into its Gmail app. Read more

Google is on a mission to transform search into something living, breathing and personal. Recent trials have seen results related to Twitter filter into the big G’s results page, but now there’s a newer, spanglier one. Google’s integrating your Gmail account into its output. This could get embarrassing…  Read more

Google is experimenting with how your phone can interact with the desktop web, in an effort to unleash its power as your future key to enter Gmail, killing off the written password in the process. Read more

While Google openly made light of Hotmail with its Gmail Intervention campaign this week, it seems Microsoft has been mocking Gmail in private. A video, allegedly shown at its annual Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference, introduces a brand new character – Gmail Man! The nosy character rifles through your mail to find keywords and serve you ads.

Google obviously wouldn’t agree that its contextual Gmail ads, which are generated by algorithms, count as snooping but the video is designed to promote Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of apps which competes with Gmail.

The Gmail Man video was leaked to ZD Net’s Mary-Jo Foley and while Microsoft won’t comment on whether it really is official, there is a big clue. The office Gmail Man visits belongs to Contoso Ltd, one of Microsoft’s favourite fake company names which crops up in lots of other videos and demos.

Whether you agree with the points made by the clip or not, it’s one of the most awkward Microsoft videos we’ve ever seen, up there with Rick Gervais training Microsoft staff and Steve Balmer and Bill Gates’ road trip. Click through to see Gmail Man for yourself…

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If you’ve got friends still plugging away with an ancient aol.com address or a once hilariously named Hotmail account they created when they were fifteen, Google has created a new service to encourage you to irritate them into using Gmail. The Gmail Email Intervention site suggests some email addresses are so “embarassingly out of date” they should be consigned to the dustbin of history like floppy disks, portable CD players and scrunchies.

The Gmail Intervention site gives you the option of sending one of three email templates to friends who aren’t yet using Gmail – Straightforward: I’m here to help, Concerned: I’m worried about you and Outraged: You’re embarrassing me. There’s a YouTube video starring Dr. Richard Muscat, an invented “intervention expert”, to help your intervention along or you can record your own clip.

While we know Google is just being light-hearted in its attempt to outdo rival webmail services, there’s something a little bit too smug about the Intervention campaign. And we’re not too sure that spamming your friends is the best way to persuade them your choice of email service is the best. Click through to see the Gmail Intervention video and let us know what you make of it in the comments.

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Finally, the Google Chrome OS hardware that we’ve been harping on about for what seems like since the Cretaceous era has finally arrived. The Samsung Series 5 looks great and as our Samsung Series 5 first impressions concludes it’s pretty much the closest a laptop gets to the ease-of-use of the iPad 2. But there are some inevitable downsides that Google isn’t going to mention much…

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google talk video calls nexus sSound the alarms, Google Talk for Android smartphones now supports video and voice calling. A feature previously only available to Android Honeycomb tablet touting souls, the video-capable Google Talk client will gradually be rolled out to Nexus S devices “in the next few weeks” as part of the Android 2.3.4 OTA update. An update for other Android 2.3+ devices is expected “in the future”.

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Happy Friday gadget-guzzlers! While the US starts queuing for the iPad 2, head over here and get a quick fix of the best tech stories from this morning, and stay tuned for the rest of the afternoon’s goodies before you clock off for the weekend.

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