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People are all too wary of product placement now. Audiences will knowingly roll their eyes at Bond knocking back a neither-shaken-nor-stirred Heineken because they’ve seen it all before. So are there any ways to do it that aren’t offensive? The last remaining safe place for product placement and sponsorship seems to be reality TV; people who watch that sort of thing care less about what you stuff down their faces than the audience for a hollywood movie. Just look at Samsung’s X Factor invasion.

And that’s probably why Microsoft’s now exploring that avenue for the launch of racing game Forza Horizon – which is as much the star of a new online reality TV show as the people in it. Will it push the envelope to tearing point? Read more

Sarah Hyland is not a gamer. Let’s just get that straight before you go jumping to any wild conclusions. Heaven forbid she let us think that she’s a gamer; it would be disastrous to her no doubt blossoming career. Gamers are obese, sweaty losers who live with their parents. Everyone knows that. Even NintendoRead more

Angry Birds: you may have heard of it. Rovio’s monster mobile gaming franchise is marching towards a new title in the series, and it’s arguably the biggest tie-in yet. Angry Birds Star Wars is just a few weeks away, so here’s the latest teaser… Read more

Electricpig’s Associate editor Ben Sillis waxes lyrical about the eerie familiarity that now runs through the majority of Kickstarter’s promotion videos. Time the formula had a shake-up?

Read more

For all the dross that finds its way onto Kickstarter, it occasionally plays host to a proper gem of a project. The sequel to the iControlPad mobile gaming add-on is one such stroke of genius, and it’s just smashed its target. This is good news. Read more

If you’ve never played Just Cause 2, we suggest you stop what you’re doing right now and order a copy. It’s the most joyously insane gaming experience of the last few years. If you are familiar with Scorpio’s antics across Panau, how does the thought of playing with 1799 other players sound? Read more

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Update: Nintendo has annoucned that the Wii U will launch in the UK on November 30th.

After all the fuss about the iPhone 5 last night, it’s easy to forget that there are some other sizable launches on the cards in 2012. The Wii U is one such biggie, and Nintendo will be hoping it’ll light up the Christmas console charts. It’s just had its price and release date outed in its native Japan. What does that mean for us? Read more

Hungry for some more Metal Gear Solid in your life? If the hole left when you completed MGS4 is a gaping one, we’ve got some good news: Kojima’s just dropped ten minutes of jaw-dropping footage for the next installment. Read more

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