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I’m on a one-man mission to find out if the BlackBerry PlayBook can act as a reasonable replacement to the new iPad, for the benefit of anyone who suddenly wants to join the tablet brigade but doesn’t want to spend their life savings. Today’s test: can the £169 PlayBook keep up with the iPad in terms of multimedia? Read on to find out. Read more

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The PS Vita launches in the UK tomorrow, February 22nd. It’s Sony’s rebranded, rethought-out attempt at a portable Playstation, and its best defence against the iPhone gaming onslaught. Are the launch games appealing enough? Which ones are worth a look in? We’ve picked out five must-haves for any new PS Vita owner. Read more

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The PS Vita launches tomorrow, (22nd February) and if you’re anything like us you’ll be weighing up just how badly you want one versus your available funds. The price could make all the difference for Sony, so with that in mind we’ve rounded up the best deals for both the PS Vita itself and the launch titles. Read on for the full lowdown. Read more

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Windows Phone has a couple of serious fans among the EP team, but one of the platform’s downfalls is that not enough has been made of its Xbox heritage yet. Now a major deal with EA Mobile looks set to completely change that. Read more

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New Year, new funds and maybe a new console. But which titles should you be spending your cash on in 2012? Luckily, the next 12 months look to host a real gamut of future gaming classics. Here are our favourites… Read more

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Amazon is to take on the likes of Steam by launching its own online games store in the UK. Amazon has been trialling a games download service in the US but  progress has been slow. A full store will be launching on this side of the pond some time in October.

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Code in iOS5 has revealed the Apple TV’s Bluetooth support is about to be turned on. So what? Well it means you’ll be able to hook up other devices like keyboards, mice, and even iPhones/iPads to use as controllers and to navigate menus. Excited? You should be.

Read on to see exactly why Nintendo should be frightened.

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The Nintendo 3DS touches down on 25 March, but there’s a problem emerging: reports are saying that while the Nintendo 3DS is speedy when it comes to loading Nintendo 3DS games, it’s slower than the DS when it comes to loading Nintendo DS games.

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