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How do you continue to flog a horse when you’ve already done so beyond its timely demise? Easy – add a few accessories. The same’s true for games, you know. And that’s probably the thinking behind Super Angry Birds, a brilliant little project by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design that literally drags Rovio’s game into the  physical realm… Read more

E3 2012 is just five days away, but developers and publishers have spent the last 24 hours spitting out new game trailers to try and drum up interest for their respective booths. There’s plenty of whizz-bang-shiny stuff on show, but here are the very best trailers launched ahead of E3… Read more

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Nintendo posted some pretty awful financial figures this week. Its investor meeting revealed the company’s first ever annual loss – a loss of £330 million at that. When the numbers are that red, what do you do? Shake up your systems, that’s what. And Nintendo’s got a plan up its sleeve… Read more

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After around a week of floating across the torrid waters of administration, it looks as though GAME looks set to live on. A buyer has stepped up to save the UK’s biggest game retailer, but what does that mean for its stores and staff? Read on for the details. Read more

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Having spent some considerable time circling the drain, high street gaming goliath GAME has finally succumbed to the financial waters and gone into administration, taking its CEO Ian Shepherd with it. Does this mark the beginning of the end, or can the retailer be saved? Read more

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As you may or may not be aware, high street retailer GAME is facing its untimely demise. The company’s shares are in free-fall after a rocky year and the recent blow of being unable to stock key titles Mass Effect 3 and Mario Party 9. GAME Group is facing administration, but the ramifications of that could seriously impact every game you buy from now on. Read more

So you may have noticed the web kicking off about how you can now play addictive life-drainer Cut the Rope online for free. It’s part of an Internet Explorer marketing gimmick, but we’ve discovered a dirty secret behind the whole thing… Read more

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Looking for a great gadget Christmas idea? You could do worse than the OnLive micro console, which brings the cloud powered game streaming service to your TV. It’s been available in the UK since September, but is now making a move on the high street: retailer Game will sell the device in the run up to the 25th.

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