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When is a handheld games console not a handheld games console? When, like the Wikipad, it’s too big to be taken on the train. Nintendo’s trying to enter this new space with the Wii U by letting users play serious console games at home on their own screen, but now the Wii U not the only player in the game, and Nintendo should be very worried…

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Sony Computer Entertainment has just shelled out $380m (£242m) for Gaikai, the cloud-based games service that rivals OnLive.

So the question is, do you really need a PS4 when you can deliver blisteringly fast games to practically any device with an internet connection?

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E3 2012’s going to be different from the years hence. It’s going to buck the usual trends in a way that’ll initially sound disappointing. ‘No new Xbox’ and ‘No new Playstation’ will be what makes most of the headlines and, under E3’s normal rules, that means a weak show.

But it won’t be weak at all – it’s just that the parameters are changing very suddenly. What do we mean? Well, traditionally E3 has acted as a big plinth on which to put new hardware, but this year the hardware already exists, and it’s already in your living room. This is the year that your TV becomes your game console. Read more

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