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Got a plot to take over the world? Don’t we all… Thing is, you need the machinery to do it with. If you can’t quite get the funds together to build yourself a secret volcano rocket base, you’d better start small: how about a menacing-looking robotic arm to do your bidding? Read more

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Good news for budding entrepreneurs: Kickstarter, the crowd-sourced funding website, is coming to the UK in just a few months. So us Brits will be able to see our pet projects made real, providing we get enough backing, of course.

What will your first project be?

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Yes, yes, we know: Kickstarter’s getting a lot of press coverage these days. A bit too much, if anything. But we promise only to bring you news of projects that seem genuinely worth your cash. Remember Tim Schafer’s adventure game project? Someone else is getting in on the crowd-sourced game-funding now. And let us tell you: you need this game in your life. Read more

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