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A Foursquare TV show? Yes you read that right. A Foursquare TV show is reportedly in the works, with help from the location game startup itself, and the production company behind, er, Jasper Carrott’s Golden Balls. Will you be checking in to watch it? What would make you?

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Find Foursquare badges a little prissy? We’ve found the answer – ManBadges. A cross-platform mobile web app created as a lark during this weekend’s Startup Weekend developer event, ManBadges allows you to reward yourself badges for your daily feats of manliness. Our favourites are the Mad Men celebrating Don Draper badge and the Snow Destroyer. Have you got suggestions for more ManBadges they should add? Click the headline then head for the comments with your ideas.

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Foursquare Trophy Case

Behold the Foursquare Trophy Case! Foursquare has outed a new section on its website to help you keep track of your location lunacy and show off your Foursquare badges. There’s so much badge bragging, it’s like a virtual Scout Hut without the threat of having to deal with any creeping old men or learning to tie knots.

You can get at the Foursquare Trophy Case by heading to the Foursquare website and clicking on Badges. Foursquare says it’ll be adding more tools for companies and organisations to add badges soon. To begin with, it’s adding the likes of The American Red Cross badge, which you earn by giving blood (and checking in, while you do it). Whatever next, an Electricpig badge perhaps?

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The San Francisco riots are stupid (“Hooray, our team just won! Let’s trash the joint…”) but they just got even stupider. Rioters are actually checking in on Foursquare in a bid to become mayor of the riot. People have obviously been hashtagging themselves silly with riot tweets on Twitter (#sfriot) but Foursquare is where all the hip idiots are boasting about their criminal damage. The question we’re asking is: will virtual confessions on Foursquare lead to real world arrests? Jump through to vote…

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Last week Facebook Places launched, and threatened to knock some of the wind out of social check-in games Gowalla and Foursquare. We were curious as to how many of you, our readers, were going to jump on the service, and how many of you just didn’t want to tell the whole of your Facebook network, and Mark Zuckerberg, your exact location. The results were by no means conclusive, and the tide changed on the Facebook Places verdict even as the final few votes crept in…

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Want to get your mitts on a lovely new Nokia N8? Vodafone is giving away a brand new N8 to seven lucky Foursquare users. All you have to do is check in at Vodafone locations, become the mayor, and bag yourself the best new Nokia smartphone, absolutely free!

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Nokia Foursquare app preview: photos Nokia Foursquare app preview: photos

Nokia Foursquare app preview: photos

A Nokia Foursquare app is coming to the Ovi Store next week, and we got a sneak peek at it here at Nokia World in London this morning. Want to see what it’s like? Read on and we’ll break it down for you.

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Foursquare added a new feature yesterday, which alerts users when they are within ten check-ins of dethroning an existing mayor. The count appears on the screen after you’ve checked in, and the idea is to ruffle some feathers in mayorship battles, and get more competition going between users on Foursquare. After all, it is meant to be a game. Bundled with this new feature was news that Foursquare has also made some tweaks to make being mayor more fair. Foursquare users who are registered managers or employees can’t be mayor of their own venue, thereby giving other folks a chance of getting ruling the roost.

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