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We’ve all been there: you get to your car with hands full of shopping and have to struggle – sometimes in the rain – to get your keys out and open the boot. Thankfully Ford’s deemed this a big enough problem to chuck a load of time and money at. Meet the new Ford Kuga: the car with the self-opening boot. Read more

Mobile World Congress is an event all about mobile phones and tablets, right? Then why has Ford rocked up with a couple of new cars? Partly to be the first car company ever to grace the show, and partly to launch its new B-Max with SYNC, a Siri-style voice-control tech that will make the B-Max “among the most technologically advanced small cars you can buy at any price.” Read more

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It’s not quite so easy to stay up to date with cars as it is with flagship phones, so we imagine that like us, there’s more than a few of you out there driving around without a USB input or even a CD player. Here’s an ideal late Christmas present for you: Ford’s upcoming USB Music box, which brings iPod powers back to motors all the way from 2003.

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The new Ford Focus that’s set to go on sale in January next year, complete with the ability to reverse park by itself, also has another trick in its bonnet, revealed today.

Or rather, its door: when you open a door in a tight space, it pops out a padded rubber door edge protector in just 60ms that acts as a cushion between the door’s edge and any other object that might be in the way. Like, say, a really expensive BMW.

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The Frankfurt Motor Show is going down in Germany this week, and in betwixt all the new cars on show is this little beaut: Ford’s e-Bike concept, made from carbon and aluminium. With a lithium-ion battery tucked away in the back, the 350W motor can go a full 85km on a charge at up to 25km/h, with a frame that weighs just 2.5kg.

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Last week, Electricpig was in attendance at the World Rally Championship 2011 leg in Finland. Sixty-six drivers hurtled around dirt tracks and country roads as spectators crowded behind low ropes on either side, all eager to catch a glimpse of their heroes flying past.

And that’s the problem – it was the briefest of glimpses. Shouldn’t we expect a bit more in this day and age?

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You might have seen the spots during the footie with floating footballers and a camera zooming around them, Matrix style. How would you like to be in one of them? We got a look at how the whole set up works, so read on for video and images of it in action, as well as details of the location and times to get your own done.

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Like gadgets? Like cars? What are you doing next week then? Electricpig’s got two tickets to give-away to an exclusive event, Start More Live, taking place in London on the evening of 25 May. There you can see the brand new, super smart Ford Focus in the flesh, as well as loads of new fangled tech, including Minority Report style “stealth screens“. Read on and find out how to enter.

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