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It’s been such a long wait for Final Fantasy Versus 13 that it almost feels mythical now. The game has been on the cards since 2006 and we heard in August last year that the Final Fantasy Versus 13 release date was unlikely to fall in 2011. Now, game director and Final Fantasy character artist, Tetsuya Nomura, has raised the game in an interview.

Speaking to Dengeki PlayStation in Japan, Nomura says Final Fantasy Versus 13 will not be shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show in September which is disappointing. However, he confirms that a date has been set to show the game in public, once again raising the prospect of a release. Thankfully with Square Enix celebrating Final Fantasy’s 25th birthday this year, we can still expect plenty of announcements at the Tokyo Game Show to distract us.

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As usual the Final Fantasy series has a scad of new titles on the blocks but some interesting elements are popping up in teaser images for Final Fantasy 13 part 2, Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Final Fantasy Type-0. Mysterious English phrases are being added to the Japanese promo material…

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Morning all! We hope you’ve had plenty of kip, as a new day stuffed full of gadget news is about to come pouring on in. If you’ve been out of the loop for a little while, catch up quick with a refresher course of all the latest headlines, ready and waiting for you right here in techie breakie!

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Final Fantasy Versus 13 isn’t getting a release date any time soon. While Final Fantasy 14 is set to hit PS3 and PC on September 30, Square Enix refuses to pin an ETA on the long-gestating action RPG. And Final Fantasy Versus 13 producer Yoshinori Kitase has suggested it won’t even hit Japan in 2011. Read on to share our disappointment…

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