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Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition Android phone unboxed: photos

The Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition isn’t for everyone, that much is clear the moment you clap eyes on its carton. But let’s be honest, there are plenty of Ferrari fetishists out there, and there’s a definite chill out spot on a Venn diagram with Android fans too. Fancy a mobile stuffed full of Ferrari branding and multimedia, and accessories to boot? We’ve got one – read on for the photos.

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Call them what you like: Sledges, sleds, toboggans. Chances are, you’ve never owned a proper one. And no, those flimsy plastic death traps don’t count. Neither do tea trays.

But never fear, we’ve rounded up the best snow-skimmers from around the world. Feast your eyes on these frost-taming beauties, before the snow melts, and we all go back to moaning about recession instead.

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Acer has just whipped the covers off the spoiler of the brand new Acer Ferrari 1200 laptop – get behind the wheel after the jump!

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Something for all you Formula One fans out there, luxury handset manufacturer Vertu has announced the release of three new editions to the its stable of handcrafted, Ferrari-branded, mobile phone handsets. Read more

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3D Files’ render of a Ferrari motorbikeFans of all things two-wheeled, feast your eyes on this! Now prepare for a little disappointment, it’s just a concept at the moment, and it’s not even an official one.

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stig plateThe world of private plates can be a little confusing at times, some plates on cars really do take an imaginative eye to see what they are trying to say, if the said registration only cost you a few quid and the illegal addition of a couple of screws in the right place spells your name in full then good luck to you. This particular plate cost over ten grand, isn’t the owners name and doesn’t much look like where its aiming either.

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Ferrari EnzoDriving an eco car needn’t mean trundling around in an embarrassing excuse for a motor, Ferrari’s got its own hybrid supercar in the works, guaranteed to turn heads without emptying your wallet at the petrol pump.

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