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If the rumours are true and Microsoft’s special event in LA on Monday really is the launch of an ‘offcial’ Windows 8 tablet, what would we like to see? Listen to us, Microsoft. For we are the font of all knowledge! Here are five things we’re hoping for.

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On Monday at Apple’s WWDC keynote event, it was revealed that the original 2010 iPad would not be graced with an update to iOS 6. Like the iPhone and iPhone 3G before it, it has reached the end of life.

So it goes.

But there’s an issue here, and it’s one that we’re only beginning to stumble into in this “post-PC” era. Security. What happens when laptop replacements can’t enjoy security updates for as long as their predecessors did?

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iOS 6 brings a ton of new features to the iPhone, and most of them look pretty useful. Siri can do more, iCloud gets turbo-charged and Maps is getting turn by turn navigation. But iOS 6 is also full of all sorts of visual tweaks that do absolutely nothing. Here are our favourites.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t go on sale until tomorrow, but you wouldn’t know it from a glance at the XDA Developers forum, the go to place for mobile enthusiasts and hackers. It’s where, more than a week ago, the complete software package for Samsung’s brand spanking, heavily-hyped flagship phone was dumped online.

Then, [insert metaphor related to jackals/hyenas/vultures here], the Android fanatics descended, pulling it apart for all to use on any other phone – even Samsung’s headline features. S-Voice on a Galaxy S2? Yeah, we’ll have that. Flipboard for all? Sure, think I’ll help myself. But at what point does cutting edge enthusiasm become outright piracy?

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WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, is coming up in just a few weeks’ time, and even if we don’t see a brand new iPhone on stage at the keynote opener, we’re expecting lots of details on iOS 6, as well as Mountain Lion for Mac.

We’ve highlighted what we think will be the headline announcements already, but today we’re going to look at one individual feature we’re expecting big things from: Siri. Apple’s voice assistant for iPhone 4S may be about to leave beta, and even roll out on other devices. So what can we expect from it? Here’s what we think.

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Last night, the Wall Street Journal filed a startling report: according to its sources, Google is massively expanding its Nexus program for the next Android release, codenamed Jelly Bean. Instead of sticking with one launch partner, it’s roped in no fewer than five this time. With this new approach comes a brand new business model – and it might just help Google seize control of its operating system back from the all-powerful mobile networks.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched with much fanfare at London’s Earls Court last week, and for perhaps the first time with a Samsung flagship, the real story was with the software, not the hardware.

Running a modified version of Android 4.0, “designed for humans”, the Galaxy S3 boasts some smart features including S-Voice speech recognition, eyeball tracking and Pop-up Play, which lets you shove any video clip into a small window so you can multitask with other apps. As we touched on last week, we think it’s the future for smartphones.

You might be surprised to know, however, that an almost identical app is already on sale on the Google Play store, and it works on any recent Android phone. It’s called Stick It!, and the developer behind it has seen a staggering sevenfold sales boost since the announcement last week.

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Back in 2009, LG launched a high profile feature phone, the BL40 Chocolate Touch, an obscenely long handset with what LG touted as a unique “dual-screen” UI. While LG’s long lost the lead in mobile, this feature: a two column view making full use of a large screen, has popped up in the unlikeliest of successors, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Pop-up Play feature included on the new Android flagship launched last night gives you the ability to push a video into a floating window and continue to use other apps around it on the phone’s giant 4.8-inch screen. It’s awesome. As we said last night, it’s the reason for quad-core phones.

But it also points to something else: phones are getting so powerful, and users so demanding, that sooner or later this split-screen functionality is sure to become standard, just as it has on the desktop. The question is, who’s going to jump first, Google, Apple, or Microsoft?

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