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So the Facebook phone rumour has reared its head once again. The latest news is that HTC is making it (as we previously heard), and it’ll be out around the middle of next year.

But is it really a wise investment for the social networking giant?

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Rumours of a Facebook phone have been doing the rounds for a couple of years. Now HTC is rumoured to be cooking one up for the middle of next year.

What’s even more promising, the handset was originally scheduled to launch at the end of this year, but was pushed back to give HTC time to work on other products, according to people familiar with the matter.

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Last night, news broke that Facebook’s moving towards launching a Facebook Phone of its own. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Zuckerberg’s team is hiring up mobile players all over the US, but is any such Facebook Phone doomed from the start? Read more

Remember HTC’s run of Facebook-focussed smartphones? They didn’t exactly set the market alight, but found a home with a fair few fans nonetheless. Now there’s word of a ‘Facebook Phone’ round two, but will HTC want to leverage the social network’s biggest new asset? Read more

Android manufacturers don’t get software: CEO of INQINQ chief executive officer Frank Meehan has some words of advice for Android manufacturers. Instead of focusing on specs and “elite early adopter customers”, start thinking about what the cool kids want. In an no holds barred interview with Mashable at MWC 2011, the CEO explains why the INQ Cloud Touch is built for success despite having a meager 600 MHz processor.

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US Update: Samsung Smart TV, PSP 2, HTC Facebook phonesWe’ve got an action packed morning in tech news today, ready to get you through that mid-week crisis. In today’s US Update, we cover the IPTV capabilities of Samsung Smart TVs, look at LG’s Android plans for 2011, dish the latest scoop on the PSP 2 and more.

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HTC building two Facebook phones for MWC 2011?Word on the street, HTC is prepping two Facebook handsets, set to be unveiled at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. According to British newspaper, City A.M., the Facebook phones run a “tweaked” version of Android, complete with the Facebook logo and coloring. The newspaper was spot on with the Nexus S, could they be right about the Facebook phone?

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US Update: CDMA iPhone, PS3 jailbreak, Ghostbusters 3, Facebook phoneYou wanted it and we got it — the latest in tech news, best known as the US Update. In today’s update we bring it to you fresh with the Verizon iPhone 4 saga, the latest rumblings on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Vibrant 4G, hop on over to review Sony’s restraining order against Geohot’s jailbreak and more.

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