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Facebook Email to be Facebook.me?

Remember Facebook.me? It was a project for customising your page tinkered around with by some Faceook engineers. Well we’ve been chatting over here at Electricpig Towers and it’s got us wondering. Wouldn’t Facebook.me be the ideal branding for Facebook Email? After all the yoof already say “Facebook me” don’t they? We can’t help but think it makes sense. Don’t be surprised if Mark Zuckerberg pulls the covers off Facebook.me in 1hr and 30 minutes.

Update: Facebook.me, which seemed to point somewhere a few days ago, is “temporarily down”. Could we be waiting for someone to flip the switch?

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Facebook has nabbed a new domain – Facebook.me – prompting rumours that it could be planning a brand new product rather than just the simple redirect that currently sends visitors to its main site. Could Facebook.me bring more customisable profiles to the social network or even be its long-rumoured answer to Gmail?

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