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Facebook has lifted the lid on its previously-announced App Center in the US, kicking things off with 600 social apps all neatly stacked up to help you find more tools to connect you and your online activities with your friends. Or is it just adding noise to the noise? We want you to tell us. Read more

Facebook has just launched the Facebook App Center, an app vestibule to call its very own. It’s an investor-pleasing move, but will it actually be of any use to users? Isn’t Facebook Connect’s auto-posting more of an annoyance than anything? We’ve been pushing this opinion for a long time, but it seems we’re not alone: Orange agrees. Read more

Hmm…Facebook and MySpace look set for an alliance of some kind. We told you yesterday that MySpace could be set to add Facebook Connect and it’s starting to look likely. Mike Jones, CEO of MySpace and Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing (how do you fit that on a business card Dan?) are set to make a joint announcement via webcast later today. There’s no clue about what the two are planning but the lack of Mark Zuckerberg on the invite suggests it won’t be anything as big as an acquisition or merger. But who knows… Hit the headline then bounce into the comments to let us know what you think the Facebook/MySpace deal might be.

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Ping may be getting a second coming, if a deal currently on the table between Facebook and Apple can be worked out. Ping did have Facebook Connect at launch, but apparently, this was not agreed with Facebook, and was pulled from the service pretty sharpish. Now, discusssions are going on again, and if sources are to be believed, Ping may be set to make a return to Facebook.

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Forget just sending a link to a YouTube video. YouTube Social a neat companion to YouTube allows you to watch clips at the same time with your friends and chat about what you’re watching. You can pass the virtual remote to choose who’s in control of your viewing. Is this a glimpse at the future of online TV or just a clever novelty?

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Get downloading! iTunes 10 is now available from the Apple website but the new social network strand Ping seems to be struggling slightly. While the People section of your Ping profile in iTunes 10 promises that you can link up with Facebook friends, the Facebook Connect button has gone AWOL…

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Facebook privacy problems may bother you but it seems for Facebook they’re just a business issue. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this year that “privacy is no longer the social norm” and the social network has been working pretty hard to chip away at the idea of personal information ever since. But why should we let Facebook decide that it’s time for privacy to die?

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Facebook is planning to bring the Like button to the entire web, according to rumours ramping up ahead of the Facebook F8 Developer Conference. If Facebook persuades your favourite sites to add the Like button, it would allow Facebook to fight Google in the quest to index the web.

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