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Say what you will about RIM, but its BlackBerry NFC plans aren’t lacking for ambition. In an interview with Electricpig this week, Research In Motion’s UK managing director Stephen Bates revealed its four prong plan for the contact free communication tech – and alongside mobile payments, it’s planning to change the way you touch in to work.

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London might be one of the economic centres of the planet, but when it comes to gadgets, it’s not a world leader. Sure, there’s Silicon Roundabout, but when it comes to actual hardware, very little actually gets made within the M25. Nokia has a design office in Soho, and well, that’s about it.

Except, we discovered when we paid a visit to its London offices this week, Cambridge Audio. The high-fidelity audio brand has been around for more than forty years, and for the last two decades, has been working out of a building tucked away in a side street in Borough – and the story of how all its products come together in the UK is fascinating. Join us as we look at how hi-fis, iPod docks and media streamers come together in the Big Smoke.

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A games console constructed from wood may sound as sensible as a chocolate teapot but Analogue Interactive’s walnut-encased SNK Neo Geo is unquestionably a thing of utter beauty. We’re lucky enough to have one of the only units in existence, and we’ve gone hands-on to show you why this is a retro gamer’s dream come true. Read on for our thoughts, with bonus images and hands on video!

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If you recently bought an iPad, only to find that there’s now a shiny new iPad 2 and a whopping great £100 reduction on the price tag of the original iPad, do not be alarmed! Apple will refund you the difference, so you could still take advantage of that iPad price drop. There is a catch though. Read on…

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The Google Stereo The Google Stereo

The Google Stereo

Sure, there’s a Google phone or two, but a Google stereo? Better believe it: we just stumbled across this bona fide, officially branded audio system here at the Sound & Vision Bristol Show today. Pictures and details of the Google stereo right this way – plus bonus shots of the minimalist, Google branded packaging.

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First off, wow! Since posting my Angry Birds cake video things have got a little crazy here. Rovio, the makers of the game have tweeted about it, Mashable and Gizmodo picked up the story, and it’s even found its way to Sweden. So thanks for getting it out there folks, and sharing the video with your friends. It really was a blast to make, and my little boy had a riot destroying it.

Since the reaction I thought you might like to know how to make your very own playable Angry Birds cake. I took some photos on the way, and have just scribbled down my notes (while I can remember). Join me after the jump for a step-by-step tutorial.

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UPDATE: Now with added Angry Birds catapult video!

We’ve just spotted this at the Toy Fair 2011: a real, functioning Angry Birds catapult. It’s hitting the shelves between June and July and will set you back a tenner.

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A rumour surfaced at the end of last year that Angry Birds developer Rovio would be releasing a Valentine’s day update for the game. Now we’ve got confirmation, and a couple of screenshots of the next Angry Birds special edition too. Click through for more photos and the video where the pink Angry Birds is revealed!

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