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Elgato EyeTV app for iPad

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Eye TV live TV streaming app has upgraded its app for the iPad's hi res screen  Elgato has updated its EyeTV live TV streaming app to accommodate the iPad, after software updates in late May brought one click exporting for the iPad. Read more

Robotic pool playing machine

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Pool MachineStuck up on a gantry in someones basement is this formidable pool player by the name of Deep Green, its accuracy for the shot at hand only shadowed by its ability to size up the table for the moves ahead, is this the future of pub installations.

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Arbie the party-bot

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ArbieWe’ve touched on robotic companionship previously here, but Arbie isn’t that kind of arm-candy, he is an articulate entertainment machine, great with guests and won’t embarrass anyone with alcohol fuelled antics.

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Titan RobotWatch out kids, those sedentary summer fetes across the country are being infiltrated by this eight foot metal robot, going by the name of Titan.

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R2D2 moves in with MoylesRadio One DJ Chris Moyles took delivery of his half-scale multi-function entertainment unit over the weekend admitting he couldn’t quite remember making the two grand purchase online last year due to inebriation.

The DVD playing, iPod docking, stereo-sound delivering dustbin on wheels has had us hot under the collar since our first sighting back in early 2007 but seemed to be consigned to the scrap yard after Nikko went bust in the UK.

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