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A year on from the official announcement, and no one’s any the wiser on the Wii U. Nintendo’s next console is a complete oddity in an otherwise predictable market, but is that necessarily a good thing? Probably not: Nintendo’s in danger of launching a huge flop, because nobody – including Nintendo themselves – knows what it is. Here’s why the Wii U is the most confusing thing in gaming… Read more

Sony’s E3 was about new platforms and new IPs. Nintendo’s was about reliving the glory days of 2011, but Microsoft’s E3 2012 was different: it wasn’t really about the games. With once bitter rivals Sony and Microsoft leaving each other to their own devices in order to stave off having to launch a new console, the latter’s taken the time to expand its horizons.

Gaming’s changed, and for Microsoft that means not really bothering with the games any more. What’s the future of the Xbox? Well, it’s not really the Xbox… Read more

Allow me to say what everyone’s thinking: Nintendo’s E3 2012 was the same as Nintendo’s E3 2011. The show as a whole this year had a different drive to previous years, with Sony and Microsoft veering off in separate directions, but Nintendo has been forced to stick to its Wii U guns, resulting in a keynote with nothing special to add. Save for a healthy smattering of Mario, that is. The question: is that enough? Read more

E3 2012’s going to be different from the years hence. It’s going to buck the usual trends in a way that’ll initially sound disappointing. ‘No new Xbox’ and ‘No new Playstation’ will be what makes most of the headlines and, under E3’s normal rules, that means a weak show.

But it won’t be weak at all – it’s just that the parameters are changing very suddenly. What do we mean? Well, traditionally E3 has acted as a big plinth on which to put new hardware, but this year the hardware already exists, and it’s already in your living room. This is the year that your TV becomes your game console. Read more

E3 2012 is just five days away, but developers and publishers have spent the last 24 hours spitting out new game trailers to try and drum up interest for their respective booths. There’s plenty of whizz-bang-shiny stuff on show, but here are the very best trailers launched ahead of E3… Read more

E3 2012 is just around the corner, and promises to spill the usual gamut of gaming guts all over LA’s gargantuan convention centre. This year the hardware news is all a bit up in the air. No one know what’s going to happen in terms of PS4s and Xbox 720s, but we do know that the developers have plenty of games in store to make up for it.

So what’s going to be best in show? It’s anyone’s guess at this stage, but we do have several inklings. Want to know which titles to look out for above all others? Here’s our pick of the year’s best upcoming games… Read more

It’s nearly June, which to the tech-minded means only one thing. Nope: not an iPhone launch – they happen later in the year these days. We’re talking E3, the biggest gaming expo of the year, which is taking place June 7th-9th. But, whilst everyone’s rattling on about some rather woolly rumours regarding the Xbox 720 and PS4, we’re keeping our feet on the ground with the more likely announcements.

Want to know what to actually expect to fall out of the gargantuan LA convention centre? Read on for our pick of the best in upcoming gaming tech… Read more

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Do you miss Lara? It’s been two years since Miss Croft’s last outing, and the gaming community is eagerly awaiting the next – a full franchise reboot coming from developer Crystal Dynamics. Bad news: it’s not going to happen this year. The game’s been pushed into 2013, but why the delay? Read on for the full scoop. Read more

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