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The new Amazon Kindle eInk digital book reader has just been unveiled in the US. Unlike its Android-powered tablet brother, the Kindle Fire, this smaller monochrome device is coming to the UK, for the absurdly low price of £89. Thing is, lucky Yanks will be playing even less.

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Welcome the NoteSlate to the growing tablet tussle! Unlike tablets like the Motorola Xoom and, of course, the imminent iPad 2, the NoteSlate is not about having lots of features, it’s about having very few. The makers of NoteSlate are pitching it as an e-ink alternative to a traditional pad and pen. The NoteSlate has one feature – you write on the screen with a stylus in one colour and can save your notes and drawings or send them via email. Curious…

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Barnes & Noble now sells more digital than traditional books onlineThe Barnes & Noble Nook has propelled the company’s e-book sales to new highs. Sales of digital e-books now outpace traditional paperback and hardcover book sales online for B&N. With 20 percent of the e-book market share under its belt, Barnes and Noble is ready to take on Amazon in 2011.

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Amazon Kindle review Amazon Kindle review

Amazon Kindle review

When asked to review the new Amazon Kindle, I expected to find myself tearing it apart. Truth is, despite my love of gadgetry, I’ve always been skeptical of e-readers. I love books, for all the same reasons lovers of books tend to: the physical object, the smell of old pages, all that romanticised guff that’s been said before. And so in my previous encounters with e-readers I have mostly found myself unimpressed, turning my nose up at the dreary grey e-ink screens. Not this one though. No, no. Read on for the new Amazon Kindle review and find out why.

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This week at Electricpig we’ll be tracking all the latest breaking news in the tech world, and bringing you reviews of the Sony Alpha A33 and Nikon Coolpix P7000 cameras, as well as two e-readers, the all new Kindle and the Sony Reader Touch. We’ll also be bringing you updates on what’s happening in the world of digital music services at the 7Digital event on Tuesday. If there’s anything you want to see on Electricpig this week, drop us a line in the comments and let us know!

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The week ahead at Electricpig towers brings reviews, news and titbits, with new products on the way from Bose, LG and TomTom, plus reviews of the Sony Touch e-reader, the Nokia X2, and Samsung Galaxy Europa, with a live Q&A on the Nokia N8 in the middle of the week. As always, if you’ve got anything you’re hankering to hear about, drop us a line in the comments.

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Sony flexible e-reader prototype outed

Sony has outed a seriously intriguing flexible e-reader concept that promises to be lighter and sturdier than previous e-paper prototypes. Could this Sony flexible e-reader be the future of the Sony Reader? It looks pretty likely…

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Two new Sony Reader models with super thin shells are just around the corner, according to a new report. That ought to put the frighteners on Amazon and its revamped Kindle – read on for the details right here.

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