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Stop what you’re doing! Unless you’re reading this, that is. In which case, as you were. Anyway, as ever, we’re here with your lunchtime lowdown roundup of all the headlines from this morning. Read on and fill up!

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Mac gamers rejoice! Well, maybe not rejoice, but certainly take heed: Duke Nukem Forever is headed to the Mac in August. Aspyr Media has announced that it’s been hard at work on the Mac port of the 2K games title. It says: “We think Mac gamers will love taking a bite of Duke’s special pain cake.”

Pain cake is an apt description as our Duke Nukem Forever review makes clear. If you’re not put off by the negative responses to Duke’s long-delayed return, you can pre-order Duke Nukem Forever for Mac now for £27. The price will go up to £30 when the game is released.

Out August | £27 (pre-order) | Game Agent

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Happy weekend, readers. It’s catch-up time. Before heading out the door, join us for the latest bitesize news nuggets goings-on you’ve missed this week.

We’ve got an exclusive interview with the man who fired Steve Jobs, Ricky Gervais on tech, and the latest news stories you may have missed.

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Let’s just move on from the Duke Nukem Forever taking forever puns, shall we? They were old long before Gearbox took control of the franchise and rescued it from development limbo. Hell, they were old a decade ago.

The problem with Duke Nukem Forever isn’t that the subject matter is tasteless. It’s that this shooter urinates on the memory of the series a whole generation held dear, through sheer banality. Kind of ironic, since Duke pissing is exactly how the game opens.

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Obviously Duke Nukem Forever is the Chinese Democracy of gaming. Not only because like the legendarily delayed Guns N’ Roses record the game took so long to get into shops but in that it revives a pop culture icon whose moves are long past their prime.

Duke Nukem is as cringeworthy as Axl Rose’s corn rows, a 1990s character still trying to kick ass and chew bubble gum in a world that has long since moved on. I loved Duke Nukem 3D as much as the next 12-year-old in 1996 but 15 years later, there’s not a lot of laughs left…

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iPad voice calls, Cello 3D TV, Nokia N8 video skills: US UpdateIt’s that time for your evening tech jolt, better known as the US Update. Headlining today’s news is a new app which promises to turn your iPad 3G into a 9.7-inch iPhone. We’ve got the scoop on the ultra-affordable Cello 3D TVs arriving later this month and huge news for N8 owners hoping to take their video skills to the next level.

iPhoneIslam, the team behind FaceTime 3G, has released a video showing an iPad 3G making voice calls and sending text messages (SMS). You’ll need to jailbreak your iPad 3G and purchase the £12.29 app, but that’s a small price to pay for a 10-inch iPhone.

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Duke Nukem Forever climbs the sales charts; all hail the kingMediocre reviews can’t stop Duke Nukem Forever sales. After fifteen years of development the FPS quickly climbed the sales ladder landing the number one position in UK. The debut sent L.A. Noire to the two spot for first time since its release.

Leading the way with Duke Nukem Forever sales was the Xbox 360 which accounted for 56 percent. Six percent of the copies sold were the £64.99 special edition version; the other 94 percent were standard. Duke was not the only winner this week, Infamous 2 and Red Faction Armageddon also saw solid debuts.

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Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer preview

After 15 years of delay-induced baited breath, Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released on June 10th (June 14 in the US). Half a year on from our very first hands on, we got to play it again, this time checking out what multiplayer treats Duke Nukem Forever has in store for patient Duke fans. Read on for our multiplayer impressions…

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