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Nintendo has announced its financial results for the first quarter ending at the end of June, and things aren’t looking too rosy.

The company lost 10.3 billion yen – that’s $132m, or £85m in proper money. Though that’s actually an improvement on the same period last year, when it lost 37.7 billion yen. Tough times.

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The ageing Nintendo DS got an unexpected new feature in Japan this week courtesy of auto-maker Toyota: satnav. The deal allows drivers and passengers to pair up a Nintendo DS with their car’s navigation system, and have it act as a second screen. Is this really the solution for Nintendo’s current woes?

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You can keep your stylus. Not to mention your add-on joystick. Allow us to present the Nintendo DS played with a samurai sword. All you need are some homebrew electronics, a rubber thumb, a DS console and some samurai skill. Read on, and see the video after the break.

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The Nintendo 3DS touches down on 25 March, but there’s a problem emerging: reports are saying that while the Nintendo 3DS is speedy when it comes to loading Nintendo 3DS games, it’s slower than the DS when it comes to loading Nintendo DS games.

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Lego video game ahoy! Disney Interactive Studios and TT Games are embarking on a voyage to create another Lego Video Game: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game. The game will use storylines and characters from the first three films, plus the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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Sonic Colours: new trailer!

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Look what just popped into our inbox: a new trailer for Sonic Colours, which is hitting the shelves today. Sonic Colours is available on Wii and DS only. Click through for the Sonic Colours video…

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A Nintendo DS patent that’s cropped up today describes an “in-store wireless shopping network using hand-held devices”. Translated out of legal talk, that seems to indicate a nifty add on for the Nintendo DS which will map out your route around a supermarket using your list, and tell you where and how many of each item you want can be found, via some sort of (hopefully) fun Nintendo DS interface.

Would you offer to do the supermarket run more often if Nintendo got this from patent into your DS? Drop us a line and let us know!

[via Engadget] [Source: USPTO]

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nintendo dsixlyellow

Nintendo is vamping up its DS range in time for Christmas. The Nintendo DSi XL has had three new colours added to its range. The new Nintendo DSi XL colours will be headed to Europe on 8 October. The DSi is currently only available in dark brown and dark red, so these will be a boon for those hankering after a DSi XL with a bit more pop. Click through for gallery of all three…

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