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Cloud storage: how much is too much? The answer, so long as you can keep on top of all your passwords, is that there’s never too much. Obviously. Microsoft agrees, and has taken the step to get its SkyDrive service in the hands of even more backer-uppers. Enter the SkyDrive Android app… Read more

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Dropbox has updated its iOS client app, adding automatic photo upload features. As a bonus, the company is giving away up to 3GB if you use the new feature.

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Google Drive has finally launched. Yeah, we know; you’re hardly surprised. The service was the subject of more leaks and rumours than even the Samsung Galaxy S3 this week, and late last night Google officially dropped the news on its blog. We’ve been through and had a play with the cloud storage service, and have found one sneaky feature that may drop all over Dropbox from a great height. Read on past the jump for the full details. Read more

Online file hosting cloud behemoth Dropbox has rolled out a redesign that adds a serious amount of extra sheen and usability to the site – just when it’s starting to be seriously threatened by the likes of iTunes and Google Docs. What’s new? Read on for the full details. Read more

Google Drive has been spinning around in the rumour mill for months now, but according to word from the Wall Street Journal, the cloud storage service is set to go live any moment now. Will a seamlessly integrated storage service drop a bomb on rivals like Dropbox? Read more

HTC has let slip the latest version of its ‘Sense’ skin for Android, which brings with it a number of new features including a deal with Dropbox that gifts users free cloud storage that’d otherwise cost $9.99 (£6.35) per month. Read more

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While we await Apple’s now almost-mythical iTunes Cloud service and cross our fingers that our dream of the iPod Cloud comes true, you can already get iPhone and iPad cloud streaming working! BoxyTunes, a new £0.59 iPhone and iPad app, turns your Dropbox account into a music locker and lets you stream music from it to your device.

While you can stream music from Dropbox in the standard app or access it using Safari’s built-in streaming smarts, BoxyTunes is a lot more elegant with multitasking, AirPlay support and a quick rewind button. It doesn’t support multiple playlists which is a bumber but otherwise it’s a great option until Apple pulls its finger out and gives us its vision of an iOS streaming service.

Out now | £0.59 | iTunes (via Lifehacker)

There’s less than an hour of today’s official work day left and that means it’s time for us to deploy our weekly burst of timewasting – Sites We Like. In this week’s episode we’ve got a way of streaming your tunes whatever the office IT bod tells you, a means of generating a novelty hit featuring your own name, a Calvin & Hobbes search engine and much more. Read on to start messing about…

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