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Gearing up to plug your next car into the mains at night? Not so fast. While the race is on to produce the best in electric motoring, or at the very least to offer competent hybrid options, there is one manufacturer who’s thinking differently. Electricpig’s spent a couple of days in the Scottish highlands with the new Mazda CX-5, and we’ve been talking about the real future of driving. Think you know what’s coming? You might want to buckle up…

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iPad taxi anyone? We’ve just seen the Google robot cars, now German researchers have kicked it up a level with a driverless taxi that can be hailed with your iPad. That’s got to be safer than most minicabs, right? Read on for full details of the autonomous iPad taxi research and some deeper details on the tech inside…
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Google quietly revealed a hidden secret of the Google Streetview programme – it’s been using driverless cars. In typical Google fashion, the news that the search giant has pushed us one step closer to Skynet was revealed in a blog post. It’s got us wondering: are Google driverless cars the future of motoring and a brilliant innovation for making our roads safer or a recipe for disaster?
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