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Right, guys, remember that Doctor Who: Worlds In Time massively multiplayer online game we told you was coming earlier this year? Yeah, we’ve got loads more details on it now, but you have to promise not to shoot the messenger. This game isn’t some sonic screwdriver-based rival to The Old Republic. It’s a Flash-based game with a business model lifted straight out of Zynga’s playbook.

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Clap your eyes on these ride-in Daleks. Makes us wish we were four years old again. They’re made by Zappies, and they are blow up, with battery powered motors and dinky little steering wheels so you can actually drive around in one, although bursting accidents may occur should mums/dads/teenage cousins/grandma attempts to climb in and have a go too. Cick through for the full video!

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Dalek days and nights

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Daleks: Not so different to us after allHave you ever wondered what the Timelords’ mightiest foes get up to when they aren’t sharing notes on the latest stair scaling studies? Then you’ll certainly have enough time on your hands to catch up with the first installment of “The Dalek Diary”

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Be your own Dalek!

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dalek-head.jpgDr Who fans, and those with easily-scared children, rejoice! Character just released the world’s first Dalek voice-changing helmet. It’s absurd, hilarious and just itching to be used in childish (or adult) mischief making. Slip it over your noggin and you two can utter “EXTERMINATE” in a menacing manner. It won’t, however, stop you from climbing stairs.
Out now | £40
Character (via Toyology)

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