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Doctor Who: free MMO incoming

The Doctor Who universe is set to expand again with a follow up to Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. Doctor Who: Worlds In Time will be a free MMO with the goal of solving puzzles and challenges to save the universe. We’d expect to see plenty of Daleks, the sonic screwdriver getting a look in and, with any luck, lots of appearances by the Doctor’s assistant Amelia Pond.

Doctor Who: Worlds In Time is being developed by Three Rings, the brains behind pretty awesome MMOG Puzzle Pirates. Doctor Who: Worlds In Time is due later this year after Series 6 of the new Doctor Who kicks off.

Out 2011 | £free | Doctor Who

The BBC iPlayer US and global versions will arrive next year. A version to take on services like Hulu will hit the US in 2011 along with an international version rolling out to other countries where the BBC can flog popular shows like Top Gear and Doctor Who. Read on for news on BBC iPlayer US and international outings straight from the broadcaster…
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Doctor Who is headed for the Wii and the Nintendo DS and you’ll be able to brandish your own sonic screwdriver when he arrives. The device which according to the show can seemingly do anything will arrive as a custom Wiimote and Nintendo DS stylus for two new games.

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Details on the third Doctor Who game in the Adventure Games series have been revealed by the BBC and it’s good news for kids and big kids alike. The episode, called TARDIS, will put players at the controls of the famous police box and there’s good news for Amy Pond fans – she’s getting an even more central role in this one…

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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will launch on June 5 with City Of The Daleks, which will begin in the ruins of ‘60s London and see the Doctor and new sidekick Amy Pond taking on the new multi-coloured Daleks. Can we play Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and hide behind the sofa?

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Doctor Who game 1

Doctor Who will put you in control of Matt Smith’s new Doctor and slinky new sidekick Amy Pond (played by new Electricpig crush Karen Gillan) with four new interactive episodes. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will feature stories written by the Doctor Who scriptwriters and voice work from Smith and Gillan.

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Top Gear BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, is preparing a range of iPhone, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and online games based on its biggest shows including Doctor Who, Top Gear and children’s favourite In The Night Garden.

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A Doctor Who fan from Birtley in Gateshead has built a full-size, functioning Dalek from wood, scrap and an electric wheelchair. We’re just glad we live on the second floor.
Rob Bosher built his full-size Dalek for around £700. At its heart there’s an electric wheelchair with a joystick to control is wheels and a voice modulator to create the classic Dalek bark.
Bosher’s Dalek also has working lights and a moving eye made from a magic eight ball. Bosher who built the Dalek’s shell with scrap wood by hand claims he’s “never been much of a DIY man”. That’s impressive work from someone who doesn’t do DIY.
The Dalek has already taken part in a Children In Need and Bosher hopes to take his homemade baddie to other charity events to help raise money. It certainly puts our attempts at putting together an IKEA bookshelf to shame.
Out now | £free | via Evening Chronicle

dalekA Doctor Who fan from Birtley in Gateshead has built a full-size, functioning Dalek from wood, scrap and an electric wheelchair. We’re just glad we live on the second floor.

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