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Big Issue! Big Issue! Big Issue?! No? Oh, well how about if you could read it online? The UK street stalwart is moving from print to digital after 21 years in circulation. And it’s doing it in quite an innovative way. Are you paying attention, print media? Read more

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Nintendo posted some pretty awful financial figures this week. Its investor meeting revealed the company’s first ever annual loss – a loss of £330 million at that. When the numbers are that red, what do you do? Shake up your systems, that’s what. And Nintendo’s got a plan up its sleeve… Read more

Intel Lego digial concept revealed Intel Lego digial concept revealed

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Wowsa. Intel digital Lego looks amazing. Research bods at Intel’s Seattle lab have created a system that uses 3D image recognition to create virtual spaces and actions for physical Lego toys. You can see them in action after the break…

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Update: We’ve just heard Pure’s music service will be called Flow Songs and will be in beta for the time being. More info coming soon.

Update: We’ve got the skinny on Flow Songs now. Check it out, and tell us what you think!

Pure, the company best known for DAB radios, is launching its own music download service tonight. We broke the news on the story last month, and since then we’ve had a good chance to mull over what might be on its way. Read on, and we’ll spell out why you should prick up your ears and pay attention as Pure moves into the cloud.

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Sony drops UMD for Patapon 2

Sony has confirmed Patapon 2 for PSP is going on sale as download-only title in the US, with no UMD version going to retailers. It’s described as a “test case” to gauge player’s interest in digital only content.

Rumours are already suggesting that Sony’s next handheld, be it the PSP 2 or PSP-4000, will come without a UMD drive and this latest news certainly points in that direction. Read on for more.

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