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Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Just yesterday we went on a bit of a cynical rant about how RIM’s BB10 OS doesn’t look quite as sexy as it probably should, and now the company famed for its chronic uncoolness has gone and made things worse. Ready to cringe?

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Pop quiz, hotshot: you leave a lofty position at Google to launch your own innovative mapping app – which platform do you set up on first? If you said ‘Android’, you failed. It’s the logical answer, but the wrong one. Why? Because, according to the Google horse’s mouth, Android suffers from too many hardware fragmentation problems.

Nothing new there, perhaps, but when a man who used to head up the development department at Google develops for iOS before Android because of that, you know something’s amiss. Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook has kicked off the D10 conference in California with a lengthy interview on all things Apple. It’s typically guarded, very carefully spoken stuff, but has Cook just managed to reveal that the iPhone 5’s screen won’t actually be moving up a size? Read more

Is iOS 5 starting to feel a bit stale? Apple’s latest mobile operating system is now nearly a year old, which means it’s nearly time to make the jump to the next iteration, just as Android settles into the slump between Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 5.0. Good news for Apple fans then: an event invite may have just revealed the launch date of iOS 6. What should it have baked in? Read our suggestions after the break… Read more

Apple plans to set iCloud live for both Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 in the autumn but developers got their hands on the desktop version over the weekend. Leapfrogging straight to Mac OS X 10.7.2, Apple has released the update to developers purely to use for testing the OS’s iCloud support.

The version does not appear to address any bugs or issues in Mac OS X Lion but instead adds iCloud to the Mail, Contacts & Calendars control panel. From there users will be able to choose what they want to be synced to the cloud and manage storage and backups.

Since Apple has badged the developer release as 10.7.2, it’s likely that Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 will be an update for the rest of us with bug fixes and tweaks.

Out now | £NA | Apple (via AppleInsider)

Apple has emailed developers with a call to get their Mac OS X Lion apps submitted to the Mac App Store quick smart. The message suggests rumours that Mac OS X Lion could arrive this Thursday might not be far off the mark. While Mac App Store submissions tend to take around a week to be approved, Apple has sped up its process ahead of launches in the past.

Apple pushed the Gold Master version of Mac OS X Lion to developers on July 1. Provided no major hiccups are found, that should mean the final version of the release should be ready this week. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Mac App Store where the new OS will be released into the wild.

Out TBC | £20.99 | Apple

Android Market billing woes leave developers furiousDeveloping a quality Android app deserves both recognition and some form of monetary gain. Unfortunately it seems that the Android Market billing is failing to deliver on the latter. A quick look over at the Android Market forums and you’ll see the problem is spreading like wildfire, so what’s the deal Google?

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windows phone 7 developers numbersWindows Phone 7 is quickly becoming the underdog story of late 2010. With a reported 3000 apps and 15000 developers, the newly refreshed mobile OS is set to shake up the smartphone market this holiday season, will you be joining in?

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