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This weather’s a bit off, isn’t it? One minute it’s about a billion degrees, and then along comes a month’s worth of rain inside of half an hour. And it’s just that on repeat. Our advice? You’re best off indoors. If only you had a massive telly to keep you occupied… Read more

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The Advent Vega was released to a storm of good reviews (including one from us here at Electricpig). It was a cheap, basic Android tablet that worked. Then it all went a bit wonky as the Flash plugin turned out not to be properly certified by Adobe, and so Advent had to yank the Vega’s Flash skills from then on – a pity, since it worked just fine in our testing.

There’s now a download available for people who ended up with an Advent Vega sans Flash, but there’s a new version of the Advent Vega with certified Flash pre-installed too. The difference? A fiver. That’s for the inconvenience of having to plug in and download an update when you get home. Fair or not? Read on…

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Get Angry Birds PC for free!

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UPDATE: The free Angry Birds PC app promotion goes live tomorrow!

The PC World and Currys online app stores are giving away free downloads of Angry Birds PC. The offer will run for 15,000 dwnloads, or until the end of March, via the Intel AppUp PC App Store. This means that you’ll be able to get your Angry Birds fix on PCs, netbooks and laptops, in all its full screen glory. To get the download of Angry Birds PC, just sign up for an account with Intel AppUp.

Out 1 Feb | £free | Intel AppUp

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The Advent Vega is back in stock, and available to order online from Dixons, PC World and Currys, as of this morning. Folks who managed to snag an Advent Vega in the brief first round of availability have been showing off their wares to us here at Electricpig. Whether this next batch of the Advent Vega will last is another question, but Advent said that this next wave of stock would be in “bigger shipments”, which they would be rolling out to Currys and PC World megastores by the end of the week.

If you’ve got yours, drop us a line on the Electricpig Facebook page, or tweet us a  snap of you with your Advent Vega @electricpig!

Advent Vega stock update

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This morning we’ve had an update on Advent Vega stock, which sold out just a couple of hours after going on sale. We’ve been in touch with Advent, who had this to say on the state of its stock of the Advent Vega, which apparently sold almost as fast as Take That tickets. Click through for the full comment.

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As Star Wars tie-ins go, this is a geek’s dream come true: Currys and PC World have secured the services of R2D2 and C3PO to promote their stores. George Lucas’s mechanical cash cows turned shop dummies? You saw it here first. Read on, and see the TV ad in full.

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The iPad has hit the shelves at John Lewis and Comet. DSGi, owner of Currys, Dixons and PC World, had a 60-day exclusive as the only high street retailer besides Apple and its official resellers. The arrival of the iPad in more stores bodes well for deal hunters with the tablet set to touch down at Tesco and Argos imminently and networks sure to enter the fray too.

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iPad UK launch day is in full swing but if you haven’t grabbed yours yet and are trying to hunt down a store stocking it, help is at hand. We’ve got hold of a full list of PC World and Currys stores stocking the Apple tablet. Read on for help in your hunt for the elusive iPad…

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